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The Runeguard clan

Desert Treasure
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Description: Rumors abound throughout Varrock and Al-Kharid that an archaeologist has discovered some clues to a large hoard of treasure hidden somewhere deep in the desert south of Al-Kharid.

Anybody prepared to offer him assistance in his treasure hunting could well find themselves benefiting from a very large reward indeed...

PLEASE NOTE: This is an extremely challenging quest that will tax your battle prowess to the extreme.

Difficulty Level: Very Hard

Quest Length: Long

Minimum requirements: Level 10 Slayer, Level 50 Firemaking, Level 50 Magic, Level 53 Thieving, A high agility level will be a distinct advantage and Be able to defeat extremely tough Enemies above level 150.

All of the Items Needed: Lots of Shantay passes, 650gp, 12 Magic logs, 6 Steel bars, 6 Molten glass, Ashes, Charcoal, 1 Blood rune, Regular bones, cake, Prayer pots, Super restore pots, Spiked boots, Climbing Boots, Garlic, Lockpick (Can be bought at the Rogue's Den) , 1 Silver bar, Spice, Pestle and mortar, Facemask, Tinderbox, Ice Gloves, Waterskins, knife, and Energy potions. Quests Needed: Digsite Quest ,The Tourist Trap, Temple of Ikov, Priest in Peril and Waterfall Quest Troll Stronghold quest
Food and Prayer Potions are needed ALOT throughout the quest.

Reward: 3 Quest Points, 20k Magic Experience and The Ancient Magicks

Gathering Information

Items Needed: Lots of Shantay passes, 650gp, 12 Magic logs, 6 Steel bars, 6 Molten glass, Ashes, Charcoal, 1 Blood rune, Waterskins, knife, Poison Potions, and Regular bones.

  1. Talk to the archaeologist he'll tell you he's found an ancient stone tablet and he asks you to take it to the digsite for examination.

  2. Head to the digsite and talk to one of the archeology experts (he'll magically become "Terry Balando") he'll take the notes. talk to him again and he'll give you a book
  3. Head back to the archaeologist and give him the book, he'll offer you 50/50 share of the treasure if you help him find it, accept. he says he'll look around the camp for more clues and asks you to heads south to the bandit camp.
  4. BIG NOTE:random placement of traps that send you outside the pyramid, Do NOT take anything Saradomin or Zammorak related into the camp do and they'll all attack you, Talk to the bar keeper and buy a beer (for 650gp) and ask about the 4 diamonds.
  5. Go across the road and talk to Eblis and ask about the "Four Diamonds of Azzanadra" he'll ask you to get 12 magic logs, 6 steel bars and 6 molten glass and for the spell he wants ashes, charcoal, 1 blood rune and regular bones.
  6. Give him the items by using them on him (be careful with bones). it may take more than 1 run too( To avoid making trips, take the items in Notes) and from shanty pass and he'll tell you to meet him in the east. Go a bit south and east until you come upon some mirrors. Talk to Eblis.
  7. He tells to look through the mirrors for the locations of the 4 diamonds but there's a catch there are 4 diamonds and 6 mirrors.

    North mirror: He ice gate you see when doing "Troll romance"
    North east mirror: Canifis
    North west mirror: Picnic area, near moss giants, near fishing guild
    South west: Bandit camp in the desert
    South East: In the desert down a well
    South: The pyramids

Obtaining the Ice Diamond

Items Needed: Chocolate cake, Prayer pots, Super restore pots, Spiked boots and Climbing Boots (In case you do you can not teleport through trollheim[require edgar ruse's quest]. You must go through Burthorpe to Trollheim, and you need climbing boots to do so). .

Tips - Bring super restores. You'll need at least 3 super restores 4 dose each. Bring some prayer pots for the first 5 trolls are highly recommended. Do NOT attack the 120 trolls, instead attack the 124s. They are MUCH easier to kill (trust me). On the boss, use full mystic and fire wave/blast. This will make him somewhat easier to kill. Make sure you have some food left before you continue up the ice path, you will fall frequently.

  1. Head north of Trollheim and go to the icy gate talk to the child troll he'll be crying and it'll say he needs something sweet. give him a Cake and he'll tell you that a bad man froze his parents because they "stole" his diamond.

  2. Warning: Icy area lowers ALL stats (this includes cooking etc) take a SUPER restore; It also lowers your Special Bar and Energy to 0%. Go through the icy gate and go to the other side. There is a cave entrance that is blocked off. Kill 5 ice trolls and it will open for you. (If you need to teleport out you won't have to rekill all the trolls you have already defeated.)
  3. Follow the path round past the wolves to the Ice Guardian (level 154) he attacks using freeze magic and melee when he freezes you you can't attack use this time to eat and take potions(He is very weak against Fire Spells), when you kill him he drops 2 chocolate cakes and a super restore.
  4. Follow the path round using food when required round until you find 2 trolls locked in ice, smash them open and they'll give you the diamond.

Obtaining the Blood Diamond

Items Needed: Garlic, Silver bar, Spice, Pestle and mortar, food, and prayer pots. (Dragon Haberd, Ranged equipment, or Mage equipment recommended)

Tips - Dessous DOES teleport next to you!!!! However, keep him behind the bars and use a ranged attack (in the form of either melee, range, or magic). If you keep protection from melee on, he won't teleport beside you that often to melee you.

  1. Go to Canifis and head into the pub and talk to "Malak" the vampire, hell offer you a deal, you kill "Dessous" and you get the diamond. He tells you in order kill "Dessous" you need a silver bar, give it to a guy in Draynor dungeon, get it blessed by the head monk on Entrana, then take it back and he'll fill it with blood THEN you need to add spice and crushed garlic.
  2. Head to Draynor, in Draynor pick up the garlic you need and take the silver bar down to Ruantun and he'll make you a Silver Offering Pot.

  3. Then remove all your armour and head to Entrana. the High Priest in the church he will bless the pot for you.
  4. Return to Malak in Canfis and he will fill your pot with fresh blood (When you talk to malak and you ask for blood, he hurts you for 5 damage and thats what fills your pot) Crush garlic using pestle and mortar and add it and the spice to the pot.
  5. Go through the into the basement of the pub in canfis then out the other end in the middle of the swamp head south to the bridge cross it then head east to the graveyard or if you haven't done the quest allowing you to do that you have to walk round the swamp. Desseous is far south and east. Once there, turn on protect from magic and use the pot of blood on the gave. If you try to range him (not sure bout hally or mage) and use the fence so he uses only magic he will just teleport next to you and he will then attack with meele (or magic if u have protect meele on)which hit constant 17+'s through black range armor. Desseous will appear and attack you. He will use a magic spell that sends bats at you, so make sure you are using protect from magic so it will only hit 5 instead of 10. Kill him then go get the Blood diamond from Malak.

    when killing Desseous, you can kill him without taking any damage at all! This should work for mages or rangers and maybe even melee but that's not confirmed... Just go to the spot north of the graveyard, shooting/maging him every now and then so he doesn't return to his tomb. If you did it correctly, he should teleport next to you (he's programmed to teleport next to you if he can't attack you) and then he "realizes" he's too far away from his home and then he starts running back to his home and then as he disappears off your screen.. but visible in minimap, and then he teleports to you again and this happens at least 5 times where you can keep hurting him and he's doesn't hit you at all! Then after doing that several times. He remains in that position... see my pick and then you are free to bring him down while he's stuck there doing nothing, not even teleporting!


Obtaining the Smoke Diamond

Items Needed: Facemask, Food and Prayer pots, Tinderbox, Ice Gloves, and a few Energy potions

Tips - There's no rush in lighting the torches. I did it with no energy pots and about 80% energy at the start (54 agility though). Even with that, the first torch went out about 2 minutes after I got the key. This boss is a joke. Protect from melee and kill him in 3 minutes max.

  1. Head east of the mirrors till you reach a well, make sure you are wearing the facemask before you enter or you will take damage.
  2. You now need to go to the middle square room and look on a chest it says "light the path to claim the key". In all corners of the dungeon there is a torch use your tinderbox to light them. Be quick they do burn out eventually.
  3. Once all the torches are lit run to the chest to "claim the key". The torches will go out if you do not light them quickly enough, so use energy potions if needed. Open the chest and u will get a "warm key".

  4. Go way east and enter the big room. You will now have to fight the fire demon "Fareed". You cannot hold weapons unless you are using ice gloves and protect from melee is recommended. Once you have killed him you will get the diamond.

Obtaining the Shadow Diamond

Items Needed: Lots of good food for thieving and for the boss.

Note: Don't bother praying on the boss of this one it's a waste of pots and food is more efficient.

Tips - If the rest of the bosses were chickens, this one would be a hobgoblin. Without a doubt, Damis is THE hardest of all four bosses. THERE ARE NO SAFE SPOTS IN THERE!!! No point in praying in there, you won't be able to drink pots AND hit him fast enough; just bring sharks. You can also MAGE Damis using bind/ensnare/entangle spells, making him unable to attack you, thus making your prayer last longer. You should take advantage of this little prayer to protect you from the skeletons around. If you have Claws of Guthix, ABUSE IT HERE!!! The little defense that he gets lowered by helps tremendously.

Tips to help kill Damis:

When doing Desert Treasure, I learned of this trick to help kill Damis.


Full Rune
Dragon dagger (p,+, or s)(s prefered)
Ardy telle runes
Prayer Pot
Ring of Visibility/ ring of life(optional)

What you do, is after killing the first form of damis, run him to the back of the the dungeon, shown here

Dungeon Entrance

Then, you hide behind the torch, so damis cannot attack you. Every so often, jump out from behind the torch and attack him. He may take some damage, and will eventually be poisoned. Every time you jump out, jump bank into the safe spot after you hit.

Dungeon Entrance

If you find that the skeletons are getting in the way of you killing Damis or they are hitting extra that you really dont need taken away then you can lead Damis back the way you came and out of the multi-combat area. That way you can fight him on his own without all the skeletons interupting.

If you go back the way you came to where the passage is about big enough for 1 person (its not multi-combat) you can get a friend to stand between you and Damis and Damis wont hit you or your friend. Be careful though because if your friend starts attacking the skeleton that respawns there Damis will walk straight though them. If they are acting as a block they MUST NOT FIGHT. Always bank the diamonds after you get them, otherwise you might meet up with a stranger who wants to kill you. You can just run if you need.

When you get all four diamonds, take all of them, one (4) anti poison pot, dragon dagger (p), full dragon hide(the best you can wear because you will need the low weight), 3 prayer potions, and fill the rest with sharks. Use the diamonds with the obilisks outside to open up the door. Do it fast or you might get attacked by a stranger.

The actual pyramid was easy. You can easily navigate through the first 2 levels. Starting on the third, put on protect from melee and RUN. If you go in the wrong corridor, you have to start over again. At the end, open the door and talk to the spirit. Yay! You're done!

  1. Talk to the merchant outside the house west of the moss giants that are near the fishing guild, he'll tell you about the shadow diamond and he proposes a deal that if you get his cross he'll give you the ring that'll allow you to see the guardian and his lair.

    Dungeon Entrance

  2. The best way to get lockpicks is to buy from a guy in the Burthorpe Inn's trapdoor. Climb down and buy lockpicks from him, he sells 25 at a time. This will save time because picking the chest has a high failure rate. Another tip is if you pickpocket the bandits, be sure to pickpocket the lvl 57, you have a better chance of looting picklocks.
  3. In the picnic area to the east a ladder will appear while wearing the ring go down and work your way through the maze.
    Damis' Lair
    Once you get to him he'll attack:

    First Form
    Easy as pie don't waste special's or pots on him.

    Second Form
    I've seen him hit 28 so be wary, he drains your prayer so don't bother with that just pot up and unload specials into him. and hope that you win.
    After the fight he drops the diamond, pick it up and teleport out.

The Stranger

Though you have the diamond it doesn't end there. Once you have a diamond a level 95 Stranger will attack you with a dragon dagger (P), he specials often and attacks very quickly however is a push over compared to "Fareed" dispose of him anyway you see fit.

The Pyramid

Items Needed: Food and Prayer pots (optional)

  1. After you have all 4 gems head back to Eblis he'll tell you they unlock the pyramid to the south.
  2. Go down to the pyramid and place the gem on there corresponding obelisk doing this opens the pyramid up, go to the top and enter.
  3. Make your way down the levels they get progressively harder and the NPC's are a pain I amused myself by examining the mummy's "highly flammable", "a poor victim of first aid" ....made me laugh.
  4. The 4th level is the last level work your way to the middle room and speak to the spirit "Azzandra" and he'll grant you knowledge to the ANCIENT MAGIC!!!


How to change spells, from ancient to regular spells and visa versa

After you completed the quest you will be able to make new spells, such as teleport to places like ice mountain, graveyard wildy, canfis pub etc, you will also get new attack spells. You can get a new staff by killing mummies in the pyramid....

If you want to switch back, so you can cast the regular spells, you will need to go back to the pyramid. Don't worry, you won't need to go all the way through it again. Just go to the back of it, go through the tunnel ...

When you went through the tunnel you will get into the room where you completed the quest. Here you will see a altar...

Now you just need to click on the altar and you will get your regular spells back. If you want to use the ancient spells again just click on the altar again. Now just step through the portal or teleport away.

The Runeguard Clan