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The Runeguard clan

Lost Tribe
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Description: Sigmund is the advisor to Duke Horacio, but the duke does not always take his advice. When part of the cellar wall collapses the duke insists the damage was caused by an earthquake, but Sigmund is worried about a monster attack.

Difficulty Level: Medium

Quest Length: Medium

Minimum Requirements: 17 Mining, 13 Agility, 13 Thieving, Must have completed Rune Mysteries, Must have completed Goblin Diplomacy.

Items Needed: Pickaxe, Teleportation Runes (Lumbridge, Falador, and Varrock), Lamp/Lantern/Candle (Oil Lantern and above strongly suggested), Tinderbox, Food, Armour, and a Weapon.

Reward: 1 Quest Point, 3000 Mining Experience, Ring of Life, and Freedom to walk the Dorgeshuun mines.

Start Point: Talk to Sigmund on the 2nd floor of Lumbridge Castle.

  1. Talk to Sigmund and you will learn of a hole in the wall being formed in the Castle Cellar. Sigmund requests that you inspect around the town and talk to the villagers to learn more of what happened to the Cellar.
    Lost Tribe Starting Point
  2. Go outside and speak with either Hans, Cook, Bob, or Priest. They are scattered around lumbridge.
  3. One of them will tell you about what happened to the Cellar. He says a goblin-like creature with buldging eyes broke through the wall. Go back upstairs and speak with Sigmund and the Duke of Lumbridge.
  4. Speak with the Duke and Sigmund and they will request of you to investigate the hole in the Cellar. For this task bring a Pickaxe, Food, Teleportation Runes, and a Lamp/Lantern of some sort. (Candles also work, but bring many)
  5. Enter the Lumbridge Castle Cellar through the Kitchen, then move to the back of the room to see a large rock stuck in the wall. Light your Candle/Lamp/Lantern with a tinderbox and hit the rock in the wall with your pickaxe to break through. Now crawl through the wall. You'll end up in a cavern, so walk through and you'll shortly be led to 2 pathways. On the ground should be a Brooch. Pick it up and take it to Duke.
    Castle Cellar Entrance
  6. Speak with the Duke and Sigmund once again and the Duke will suggest you read about the Brooch in the Varrock Library. Head to the Library in Varrock. (It's in the back room of Varrock Castle.) Show the Librarian the Brooch and he will tell you to search the bookcase in the western part of the library.
  7. Search one of the bookcases to find a book on goblin tribe history. Read the book and go speak to General Bentnose or General Wartface in Goblin Village. They will teach you the 2 new goblin emotes. (Goblin Dance and Goblin Bow).
    Goblin Emotes
  8. Head back to the Duke and Sigmund and tell them about what you've discovered, then head into the cave once again through the Kitchen. Be sure you have food, Teleportation runes, and your Candles/Lamp/Lantern. Head into the cave and you'll be led to a split in the road, follow this map to navigate to the end.
    Cellar Caves Map

    You can also use the symbols on the rocks to navigate.
  9. Near the exit of the mine, speak with Mistag. Walk next to him and use the Goblin Bow emote you learned earlier from General Bentnose and Wartface. Mistag will begin talking to you. He will explain to you why his Tribe is hiding from the "Surface Dwellers". When you are finished, go speak with the Duke and Sigmund. Sigmund says that silverware was stolen from the Cellar. The Duke and Sigmund request of you to ask around to find this silverware.
  10. Pickpocket Sigmund to find a small key. Go to the room next door and open the chest to find HAM Robes. Next, head to the HAM Hideout northwest of Lumbridge marked with the Red Dungeon Sign. Pick the lock and enter. There is a wooden crate near the entrance. Search it to find the silverware.
    HAM Robes
  11. Return to the Duke and Sigmund to discover that Sigmund was the one who stole the silverware. The Duke will fire Sigmund and gives you a peace treaty to give to Mistag. Bring the Treaty to Mistag to complete your quest and see a cutscene of a meeting with Duke and Kasgar. Instead of going through the maze of tunnels you can talk to Kazgar near the Entrance to have him take you to the end.

Congratulations Quest Complete!
Lost Tribe Reward
Afterwards you can sell iron and silver to Mistag.
Also, you can kill Level 11 Cave Goblin Miners to get Mining Helmets, Level 24 Cave Goblin Guards to get Bone Clubs, and Level 26 Cave Goblin Guards to get Bone Spears.

The Runeguard Clan