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The Runeguard clan

Mountain Daughter
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Description: Years ago, a small tribe of people split off from the Fremennik in Rellekka and decided to inhabit the mountains to the east of town. There they lived as nomads for many years, but now the chieftain of the camp has lost his daughter and will not move on before she has been found.

Has she run away, has she been eaten by trolls, or is there something more sinister going on? Only you can find out.

Difficulty Level: Medium

Requirements: Fremennik Trials Quest, Level 40 Woodcutting, level 40 Crafting, level 25 Fletching, Must be able to defeat a level 70 enemy

Items Requirements: Rope, Plank, Spade, Axe (hatchet), Gloves (any kind except Mystic; vambraces not allowed), Pickaxe, Enchanted lyre for transport to Rellekka, Camelot Teleport runes (5 Airs and 1 Law)

Reward: 2 Quest Points, 1k attack Xp, 2k Prayer Xp, Bear Helmet

Starting Location: Mountain Camp east of Rellekka

Speak to: Hamal and Chieftain


  1. Go northeast of the Swaying Tree (where the Bunnies and Doogle leaves are, which is east of Rellekka, follow the path east after leaving the city.) Walk up the slope and try to talk to the Guard. He will tell you to leave. Now go to the left of the slope and walk up till you come to a rock on the side of a short cliff. Use your rope on this rock to climb down into the cavern below.

    Rellekka Map Mountain Camp

  2. Follow the path east into the Mountain Camp and speak to Hamal and Chieftain. He tells you his daughter is missing. Offer to find her. Leave and head south to a mud pool. Dig up some mud. Now, go to the fenced area north of the Chieftain's tent. There is a pole spawn just north of the goat herd's tent. Pick up a pole.

    Hamal the Chieftan

  3. Head north from the goat farm and up a cliff to the Shiny Pool. Follow the path southwest until you reach Ragnar. Talk with him and he will tell you about Asleif, the Chieftain's daughter. After talking with him, use the mud at the base of the nearby Tall Tree and climb it to a small island.


  4. Use your pole on the middle rock to get across to the second island, then use the plank on the flat rocks to get to the third island. Now listen to the Shiny Pool. It will tell you that it is the voice of Asleif and give you two new assignments: A) Improve relations between Rellekka and the mountain camp, and B) Find a new source of food.

  5. Go speak to the Hamal and Chieftain about both of these things. He will mention that Svidi, the representative they sent to Rellekka, has gone missing. Offer to go look for him. (When you leave the camp heading for Rellekka, the guard will now allow you climb over the rock slide.)

  6. Head towards Rellekka now and talk to Brundt and chieftain. He will claim not to have seen any mountain settlers in years.

  7. Go to back to the Swaying Tree (with Bunnies and Doogle leaves) located east of Rellekka. From there, head north to find Svidi wandering around near the Black unicorns. He says that he is afraid to enter Rellekka without a promise of safety guaranteed.


  8. Go talk with Brundt and Chieftain of Rekkella, again. Before he agrees to a safe passage he wants the stone back that the Mountain settlers took on their departure from the Fremennik. If you didn't bring your own pickaxe, go north of Rellekka (north of the Helmet shop, on the beach bluff near the Hobgoblins and Rock crabs) and pick up an Iron pickaxe, then head back to the Mountain Camp.

  9. Walk over to the mud pool (or the goat pen) and pick up any rock on the ground. Now walk inside the big tent on the south side of the camp; it has a guard outside. Use your Iron pickaxe on the rock to get Half a rock. Walk out of the tent and the guard will notice the rock, you will automatically show him the smaller rock you picked up and he will let you go by.


  10. Go talk with the Jokul, the goat herder, in his tent north of Hamal and Chiaftain. He will tell you about the White Pearl fruit that grows on mountains.


  11. Take the Half a rock to the Rellekka Chieftain and he will give you a note of safe passage. Take the note to Svidi and he will thank you.

  12. Put on a pair of gloves (any kind except Mystic; vambraces are not allowed) and go to Wolf Mountain, located between Catherby and Taverley (not to be confused with Ice mountain). Pick a White Pearl fruit from the thorny bush by the Gnome glider. (If wearing Mystic gloves or vambraces, you will take 4 damage and get no fruit!) Eat the fruit and take the seed to the Mountain Chieftain.

  13. Go speak to Asleif at the pool again and she will tell you to convince her dad that she is dead. She explains that she was killed by a creature whilst sitting at the lake.

  14. Go speak to Hamal and Chieftain and you will simply tell him that his daughter is dead. He doesn't believe it and wants proof. Return north to the Shiny Pool and walk all the way around it (clockwise) to the end of the path. Use your Axe (hatchet) on the dead trees and enter the cave. (If you encounter problems getting through here, try standing directly west of the Dead tree blocking the open path beyond. Facing any other direction and cutting the tree puts you in the wrong place.)

  15. Follow the cave till you come to a monstrous bear-like creature, The Kendal (level 70). Tell him you are no one special, ask him if he means a sacrifice, then tell him he looks like a man in a bear suit. His story will be told during this dialog. Now you must fight him. He is pretty easy and once you kill him you will take his bear helmet as a trophy.

    Bear Cave

  16. Now collect the "Corpse of woman" and take it to Hamal and Chieftain. He will ask you to bury her on the island where her voice is heard, along with one of her possessions and 5 rocks, which you will build to make a type of marker.

  17. Collect 5 rocks from the goat pen and then go talk to Ragnar by the Shiny Pool. He will give you Asleif's necklace. Now go to the middle island and bury her, then use the rocks on her burial mound.

Congratulations, you have completed the quest!

Quest Complete

The Runeguard Clan