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The Runeguard clan

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Description: A dangerous exiled criminal called Solus has returned once more to threaten the civilised lands of RuneScape. The White Knights responsible for dealing with this threat don't seem capable of meeting the challenge... perhaps some adventurer can succeed where they have failed?

Use all of your tracking skills, and a little Temple Knight technology, to track him down and bring this criminal to justice once and for all!

Start point: Falador Park

To start: Speak to Sir Tiffy

Quest length: Short

Minimum requirements:
Must have completed Recruitment Drive
Must have completed Priest In Peril Quest
Must have completed Lost Tribe Quest
Must have completed Rune Mysteries Quest
Must have 32 quest points

Items Required: 10k or {Slayer gem, molten glass and a law rune}, and 20 rune essence

Reward: 1 Quest Point, 5k Slayer Experience, and Access to the White Knight Armoury

  1. Talk to Sir Tiffy in Falador Park. He will tell you about a loop hole in becoming a White Knight. He will then tell you to go talk to Sir Amik.
  2. Talk to Sir Amik on the 2nd floor of the White Knights castle (west side) and when he asks you to become his squire decline him and instead ask to become a deputy, which he will accept. Talk to him again and ask if there are any jobs avaliable. He will say no and you will mutter something about creating a crisis.
    Sir Amik

  3. Go back and talk to Sir Tiffy and he will inform you of a small crisis thats arising. He will tell you to go talk to Sir Amik again for your orders.
  4. Once back at Sir Amik, he will greet you and inform you that the "Evil Solus Dellagar", the powerful Murder-Mage, has returned. When you accept his request to assist them he will fully deputize you into the White Knight Order.
  5. Go talk to Sir Tiffy again and he will tell you under no circumstances are you to get in direct combat with Solus Dellagar. Instead he will ask you to scout for him. He will give you the option of making or buying an observing orb.

    Buying the orb costs 10k

    Making the orb requires 1 law rune, 1 Slayer gem, and 1 Molten glass*

    Observing Orb

    *Molten glass is made by using soda ash and a bucket of sand on a furnace. Soda ash is made by cooking seeweed on a range.
  6. Contact Sevant using the communication orb. She will bring you up to speed on your assignment and will give you 2 recordings to watch, 1 of the Zammy mage in Varrock and one of Lord Daquarisu of the Black knights.
  7. Talk to the Zamorak mage in the temple to the south east of varrok. He will ask you for 20 rune essence in exchange for the information he has. He will then tell you that Solus moved east from him.
    Zamorak Mage

  8. Head into Taverly Dungeon and talk to Lord Daquarisu. He refuses to tell you anything, but you are told he is concerned for the safety of his men. Kill a Black knight and he will talk to you and tell you everything you need. Eventually you will work out that he could be in Canifis.
    Lord Daquarisu

  9. Now head over to Canifis. As you enter, Sevant will stop you and give you a lecture on "Slow Teleporting". She will then tell you to scan in Canfis. Do so and a cut scene will happen involving Solus.
  10. Sevant will retrieve an item from the slow teleport. The item is completely random but it will give you a hint as to where you need to be next. You will have to do this several times until you've found his final location.

    Item - Location
    White Wizard Hat - Ground Floor of the tree in gnome strong hold
    Greenmans ale - Yannile Pub
    Blue Cape - Champions guild
    Banana - Banana plantation on karamja
    Eye Patch - Brimhaven, pub with pirates in
    Unholy Symbol - The Scorpious shrine north of the Observatory
    Castle Wars ticket - Castle Wars Arena
    Frogs legs - Lumbridge Caves where the giant frogs are
    Goblin Mail - Goblin Village
    Bone Spear - End of the Dogreshuun mines
    Fake Beard - Ali M in Al-Kharid
    Bear Fur - Ardougne Market
    Fremennik cloak - Relleka
    Earmuffs - Morytania tower at the Banshees
    Blue Wizard Hat - Wizard Tower
    Red vine worm - McGrubor's Wood
  11. After searching you will find the final location is in the rune essence mine. Head there via one of the Rune Essence Teleport Wizards and fight him. He is ridiculously easy to defeat. After he is dead, take his hat back to Sir Amik.

The Runeguard Clan