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The Runeguard clan

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This website is for my clan only

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But if u want 2 join send me an E-mail or talk to me on runescape

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Alliance clans

Joint leaders
 King                                     -  Arkangel09
 Prince                                  - Kingmdatta
 Kings top Guard               -  Serero
 Board of Guards               -  Aprilaracer Serero Mmagic
 Kings Elite Guards                   - Level 70
 Mmagicc - Pogostick9
 Genaral                                          - Level 60
 Astonmaster - Mc9990
 Jewish Git
 Generals body guards              - Level 55
 Niv1920- Darkdeydrium
 Pot noodel
 Lieutenant                                    - Level 40
 Madmillwall - Nymphboy0
 Blacksabath7 - kingshadow95
 Sergeant                                       - Level 30
 Mrpoo05 - Retiarysword
 Jess400 - killakaz
 Privates                                        - Level 20
 Reece390 -  Exaligo
 kings servant                             - Trusted clan
 Thepair - Deathtrap482            - members only
In the RuneGuard Clan we always need people with any good stats so if you r a cook, Fisherman, Ranger, Mage, smither or all round high lvl we want to know
Ranger                                 - Mc9990
Ranger                                 - Pogostick9
Mage                                     - Kingmax2
Miner/smither                     - Kingmdatta
Miner/smither                     - madmillwall
Miner/smither                     - Jewish Git
Miner/smither                     - Kingmdatta
Fishing                                 - Jewish Git

The Runeguard Clan