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The Runeguard clan

Troll Romance
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Description:Ug loves Aga, but Aga is together with Arrg. Since Arrg is a lot stronger than Ug, Ug can't follow the regular mating ritual, which involves ripping the opponent into pieces. Will you be able to find out what will impress the troll female more than a display of violence? Will you survive the journey to help a lonely troll find love?

Quest Length: Medium

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Requirements: Must have completed Death Plateau and Troll Stronghold quests

Skills Needed: 28 Agility; able to beat level 113 Troll; recommended 43 Prayer (Protect from Melee)

Items Needed: Iron bar, Rope, Cake tin, Maple or Yew log, Swamp tar, Climbing boots, Protect from Melee, and Missles optional, Bucket of wax (see note at bottom for obtaining these items)

Helpful Transportation Items: Trollheim teleport runes (2 Fires and 2 Laws, requires level 61 Magic; will need to use at least 3 times), Games necklace, Amulet of glory

Recommended for fighting the Troll: Ranging/melee equipment, Prayer potions to maintain Protect from Melee (level 43 Prayer required), or food (Sharks recommended if you do not have 43 Prayer - he hits 30's!)

Reward: 2 QP, 8K agility exp, 4K strength exp, 4 uncut emeralds, 2 uncut rubies, 1 uncut diamond, and a sled


  1. Start off by speaking to Ug downstairs in the Troll Stronghold. [Enter the Stronghold, go south and then down the stairs to the cooks. Take the northwest passageway, go a little bit north then turn immediately west into room with Quest asterisk showing on minimap.] He'll tell you that he wants to earn Aga's love. The only problem is that Aga is in love with Arrg, the really powerful troll.
  2. Go speak to Aga. She'll tell you she'll go with Ug if you get her a Trollweiss plant, a very rare item.
  3. Go back to Ug, and he'll tell you you need to speak to someone very experianced with the mountains, who'll tell you how to get Trollweiss.
  4. Go speak with Tenzing (the guys who sells you climbing boots). He'll tell you that you need a sled, and you'll have to go to Dunstan (the blacksmith) to learn how to make one.
  5. Speak with Dunstan, east of the castle (optional to use Games necklace here to avoid some walking). He'll tell you he wants an Iron bar, Rope, and a yew/maple log.
  6. Return to him with the materials. He'll give you a Sled. Then use the Bucket of wax with the Swamp tar, and you'll make Wax. (This is where the Cake tin comes in ... it is used to hold the Wax. If you are holding 2 Cake tins, the software thinks you have none and will not allow you to make Wax until you drop one.) Use the Wax with the Sled to make a waxed Sled.
  7. Go back to Trollheim, except this time take the north-west path west of the Maze (just west of the Thrower Trolls atop Trollheim) rather than entering the Troll Stronghold.

    Map showing turnoff to ice caves

    You'll eventually see an impressive looking icey gate, but ignore it; continue north and then west. Enter the cave opening to the northwest. Run past some Ice trolls (levels 121-124) and exit the Crevasse at the other end (northwest area). When you arrive on the surface again, go south (you may pass some Ice wolves).
  8. Look south for a slope that you can't enter by foot, then equip your sled. Click on the slope to slide down. You'll arrive in a really icey land.
  9. Go directly southwest to the flower bed (it's up a little round hill showing a circle in the middle). Pick one bouquet of "Very rare" flowers to get Trollweiss.
  10. Go back to Ug: you can either teleport to Trollheim and walk back to Ug, or slide down the next hill south (fun!) and take a Long Hike around the Stronghold to get back (this is a fun at first, but then a long walk. You eventually get dumped out by Rellekka's mines, and have to walk southeast to find the climbing path to the east to get back up to the Death Plateau). Ug will accept the flowers, but he still can't go to Aga, because Arrg is in the way. He wants you to kill Arrg.
  11. Prepare to fight Arrg. Get your melee/range weapon and put on your armour. Load up on food and/or Prayer potions. TURN ON Protect From Melee BEFORE you actually speak to Arrg!! (level 70 plus members warn you!!)
  12. Speak to Arrg, and tell him you want to kill him. (Protect from Melee, or Missles optional) You'll be teleported to the arena. Kill Arrg, then go back to Ug.

    Quest reward pic

The Runeguard Clan