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The Runeguard clan

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To enter the Crafting guild u hav 2 hav at least level 40 crafting and be wearing a brown apron
You can find the crafting guild North West of Rimmington
When you walk in, you will be welcomed to the Crafting Guild and you will see The Crafting Master. If you talk to him, he will say, "Hello. Welcome to the Crafting Guild. Accomplished crafters from all over the land come here, all to use our top notch work shops."

To the West you will find a pottery oven and a table with a jug and amulet mould. To the East you will find a jug spawn and 4 potter's wheels. Head South of the door to find a table with a chisel and hammer spawn. South of that you will find a workbench. Head to the furthest Southern point and you will find a sink.

Head East to the backyard of the Guild. Over here you will find: 6 clay, 6 silver and 7 gold rocks.

To the West side of the Guild, you will find stairs to climb up.

In the northwest corner, you will find a pair of shears, a necklace, and a holy symbol mould. Over in the northeast side, you will find 2 wool spinning wheels. Finally there is a man who manufactures leather, a Tanner. He will make cow hide into leather though he does not sell it.
There is also a Tanner in Al Kharid

The Runeguard Clan