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The Runeguard clan

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To enter the hero's guild u hav 2 hav completed Hero's quest

The Hero's guild is located North of Taverley

Note that this is a Member's Guild.

Once you have completed the Hero's Quest, you are eligible to enter the Hero's Guild. This is the guild where heroes can train and buy many different items.

Right when you walk in you will see the Fountain of Heroes. This is a special fountain where you can charge your Dragonstone Amulet. A charged Dragonstone Amulet will let you teleport 4 times before needing charging again. It will also increase your chance of getting more gems when mining. You will be able to recharge this any time, for free, even if you only used 1 teleport.

In the underground area keep walking past the blue dragon cage until you come to a tunnel leading to a green patch and a fountain.

Head up the ladder to find a man named Helemos. This man sells Dragon Battle Axes for 200k and Dragon Maces for 50k.

On this floor there is also an altar.

Climb up the ladder next to the altar and you will be in a small room at the very top of the Guild. Here there is a table and 2 chests.
Climb up the ladder next to the stairs and you will be in a tiny room with nothing in it. I guess heroes need their sunlight.

Head down to the basement of the Guild. You will find yourself in an underground tunnel type place with two level 27 bats flying around. To the east you will find a cage with a level 99 blue dragon. Don't worry, it is usualy in its cage with a closed gate. If you wish to fight it, and are using prayer, remember that there is an altar on the top floor.

You will also find 7 Addy rocks scattered about, 3 on one side and 4 on the other. You will find the seventh is behind barrels and crates that you can search. (On the side with the 4, there are a couple level 27 bats as well.)

Head to the farthest south end to find a runeite rock and crates.

Happy exploring!

The Runeguard Clan