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The Runeguard clan

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To enter the magic Guild u hav 2 hav at least 63 magic and a wizard mind bomb or 66 magic and mind bomb. Same when trying to get out through the door, and not the teleports

The wizards guild can be found in the middle of Yanille which is the most southern city in the Kingdom of Kandarin.

At the dungeon there are level 24 zombies you can kill with magic. They are behind bars, and you can not enter their “prison”

At the 1st floor there is also a wizard called Wizard Distentor. He can teleport you to the rune essence.

There are also 2 level 9 wizards.

At the 2nd floor

there are 3 level 9 wizards. There is also a magic store.

At the 3rd floor

there are 3 wizards level 9.

There are also 3 portals,

which teleport to:

- East portal: to the Wizard’s Tower.
- West portal: Thormacs tower were u can enchants battlestaffs for 40k.
- South portal: Dark Wizard’s Tower.

Here are some other in game pictures of this great guild!

The first thing u notice when you enter the hall is that it is heavily trafficked by people getting rune essence.

Next when you go downstairs a whole bunch of people is training ranging or magic in the fantastic training site.

And just as you think you have seen the best part, you get to the best part, level 3. Here you have a fantastic view of the Yanille gallows, ready to hang the next Ogre venturing too near the Yanille city guard

The Runeguard Clan