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The Runeguard clan

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To enter the Range guild u hav 2 hav at least level 40 range
The Range guild can be found North of Ardougne, nearby Hemenster

Once you walk into the guild, you'll notice it's not too big. There are four shops in the guild: An armour shop, a bow and arrow shop, a ticket merchant shop, and a throwing weapons shop. Straight ahead just before the competition area is a ladder which leads to a tower so you can practice your range up there. To the North East is a leatherworker, who will make cow & dragon hides for you. Straight ahead once you walk through the door near the hay stack is the competition area, I'll explain more on that later. For now we'll get to the shops.

Aaron's Archery Appendages.

Item Price
Leather Body 27gp
Hardleather Body 221gp
Studded Body 1105gp
Leather Chaps 26gp
Studded Chaps 1950gp
Leather Cowl 31gp
Leather Vambraces 23gp

Dargaud's Bow and Arrows.

Item Price
Arrow shafts 2gp
Bronze Arrow tips 1gp
Iron Arrow tips 2gp
Steel Arrow tips 11gp
Mithril Arrow tips 33gp
Adamant Arrow tips 78gp
Rune Arrow tips 390gp
Bronze Arrow 2gp
Iron Arrow 6gp
Steel Arrow 28gp
Mithril Arrow 75gp
Adamant Arrow 187gp
Rune Arrow 936gp
Short bow 65gp
Oak Short bow 130gp
Willow Short bow 260gp
Long bow 104gp
Oak Long bow 208gp
Willow Long bow 422gp

Ticket Merchant.

Item # of tickets
30 Barb Bolt Tips 140
Studded Body 150
50 Rune Arrows 2000
Coif 100
Dragonhide Body 2400
20 Adamant Javelins 2000

Authentic Throwing Weapons.

Weapon Price
Bronze Javelin 5gp
Iron Javelin 7gp
Steel Javelin 31gp
Mithril Javelin 83gp
Adamant Javelin 208gp
Rune Javelin 520gp
Bronze Thrownaxe 3gp
Iron Thrownaxe 9gp
Steel Thrownaxe 33gp
Mithril Thrownaxe 91gp
Adamant Thrownaxe 228gp
Rune Thrownaxe 572gp

The Leather Worker. He will make you cow & dragon hides for a small fee.

Competition Judge-Talk to him and you can shoot at the targets to earn tickets. The better you score while playing this mini game, the more tickets you can earn. You will need a bow and the Judge will provide you with 10 bronze arrows. It costs 200gp to play, and you can only use the arrows he gives you..any other arrows you try to use will not work, so equip them and click a target to fire at it. Here below are the points earned when your arrow hits the appropriate color on the target. Also below is a picture of what the target you are shooting at looks like.

Area Points Ranging Exp.
Black 10 5
Blue 20 10
Red 30 15
Yellow 50 25
Bulls-eye 100 50

Practice Tower - In the middle of the range guild you will find a ladder. Climb up and you'll have guards up there yelling that the tower is under attack on all ends: north, east, south, and west. You may go to any platform and range the appropriate guard according to your level of ranged. The guards will fire back at you and hit you with arrows so be prepared with your range armour!

The Runeguard Clan