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A good way to level Combat (And earn some Cash)

Here, I am going to give you steps on to how you can level your combat. These rules apply for f2p and p2p can folow these aswell.

  1. Once you get off tutorial island, sell your shield and sword which was given to you. You will get a little money. Now, with your axe given to you for woodcutting, chop normal tree's and sell them to the general store. You will get short amounts of money each time. Continue doing this until you have about 10k. Once your woodcuting level hit's about 25, continue doing this with oak logs.

  2. You have your 10k, it is time to get your proper armour. Go to Al Kharid, and go to Zeke's Scimitar's. Buy an iron scimitar. Now, go to Varrock. Ask people to sell you a full iron plate armour with iron kite shield for about 2-3k. 4k tops. Wear all of this. Now, go back to Lumbridge. Train your attack to level 21 on goblin's behind the general store.

  3. Now that you are level 21 attack, go to Al Kharid again at Zeke's Scimitars. Unwield your scimitar and sell it to him. Now, go and buy a mithril scimitar. Now, go back to Lumbridge and train your defence and strength to level 21. Defence first.

  4. Once these are both level 21, I suggest you start training prayer, by buring all bones that you have obtained from monsters that you kill. Go back to Varrock. Say, selling full iron plate armour with kite shield for 3k 5678 to buy. Sell this and now it is time to buy good armour. All item's obtained from goblin's should have been sold, and you will have a good amount of money. If you have 15-20k, it is time for mithril armour. Ask people for full mithril plate armour and kite shield for 15k-20k.

  5. Once you have your armour, It is time to go and kill. Go to Varrock Sewer's. Go and kill the lower leveled zombie's towards the entrance of the sewer's. Keep killing them until all of your stat's are 41, except for strength, which should be 51. Complete all quest's that are possible, and enter the champ's guild. Start doing the Dragon Slayer Quest. Info about this can be found here. Once this is completed, you will get a very good strength and defence bonus.

  6. Now, it is time to take up one of the profitable skills. The main 2 I suggest are woodcutting or mining. Do this until you have 250k. Now, buy a full rune plate armour with rune kite shield and scimitar. Then, continue training on lesser demon's at Karamja Volcano. They drop valuable item's which can be sold for a high price.

Training (F2P)

Here is a small guide to help you to achieve some levels in combat. Please note that the monsters in this guide are just meant to help you out, if you don't agree with something in this guide, feel free to do it your own way. Also, this guide is meant for training. If you are wanting good drops, DO NOT use this guide.

Level 3:
When you first start out, I recommend you go straight to cows. The best place to find cows would be beside the Crafting Guild, south of Falador. You should keep training on cows until about Level 30 or 40. Try to use a scimitar of the best metal you can use.

Level 30 (a):
Al-Kharid Warriors are a good place to train now. They can be found in Al-Kharid Castle. These are particularly good, because you can multi-task (do other things) while fighting them, as they start to attack you once you have attacked one of them. Be careful though, you might clear out the whole group of them, so you will have to go to another area of them.

Al-Kharid Warriors
Level 30 (b):
Another place you could train at Level 30 is at the Dwarf Mines, on dwarves. There are plenty up the top near the trapdoor to go down. There are also some near the anvils.

Level 30 (c):
Another place to train is Dark Wizards. These can be found in the wilderness north of the Dwarf Mines, and near Delrith, south of Varrock. These auto-attack, another place you can multi-task.

Dark Wizards
Level 30 (d):
Level 13 zombies are good to train on. They can be found in Varrock Sewers, but you will not find too many close together.

Level 40 (a):
Hill Giants are where you should be heading now. They are found in the Varrock Sewers. You can get a Brass Key which gives you access to a ladder that leads straight to the Hill Giants.

Hill Giants
Level 40 (b):
Remember the cows you trained at earlier? You might have noticed some hobgoblins right next to them. Here is where you should train now. Try and keep to the Level 28 ones.

Level 40 (c):
Ghosts are another good place to train. They can be found in Melzar's Maze, and for members, they can also be found in Taverley Dungeon.

Level 40 (d):
Level 24 zombies are another option. They can be found in Varrock Sewers.

Level 50:
Jail guards are a great way to gain experience. They are found near Draynor Village. Once you attack one, they will all attack you, so once again, you can multi-task. And no need to worry about food either - once you die, just walk from Lumbridge back to the Jail Guards (don't have more than 3 items if you are using this method). You can keep training on these until Level 70 and beyond, or you can move on.

Jail Guards
Level 60 (a):
If you've still got the key to Melzar's Maze from the Dragon Slayer quest, the skeletons are a great way to train. You can also find Level 45 skeletons in the cave where you find Elvarg. They can also be found just north of Chaos Druids in Edgeville Wilderness Dungeon, which is members-only.

Level 60 (b):
If you want a change, you could try Deadly Red Spiders. These are found on Crandor, and in Varrock Sewers.

Deadly Red Spiders
Level 70 (a):
You are starting to get to the point where it is getting very hard to find good monsters to train on. You will do perfectly well if you are still with Jail Guards. My advice is to stick with whatever you have found to be good experience previously.

Level 70: (b):
Lessers are good to train on at around this level. They have quite a low defence, so are quite easy to kill. Occasionally you may be able to snag a Rune Med. You can find them in Crandor.

Lesser Demons
By now, you should be starting to get an idea about where is good to train and where isn't. You can keep training at the places suggested here, or you can go off and find yourself some wonderful training places!


Training (P2P)

Being a member makes training combat unimaginably easier. Here I will note down some good training places that are members-only (also use the F2P guide, as I will not be repeating parts of it).

Level 30: Rock crabs are an excellent way to gain experience. You will find these little critters in Relekka. You can train on these great little things until around Level 60 or 70.

Rock Crabs
Level 40 (a):
Chaos Druids are good to gain experience on, and they also give great loot - herbs. They can drop 2 herbs at a time, and they almost always drop at least 1. The best place to find them is in Edgeville Dungeon in about Level 2 Wilderness, but you can also find some in Taverly Dungeon.

Chaos Druids
Level 40 (b):
Thugs are good to train on around this level. They drop herbs, and you may also get yourself a low level clue. They can be found right next to the Chaos Druids, at the start of the Wilderness in Edgeville Dungeon.

Level 60:
Experiments are another awesome way to gain experience. They are only Level 25, and they have 100 hitpoints, giving you an ability to hit massively upon them, while they can hardly hurt you. These are good all the way until Level 126!

Level 85:
If you have done Legends Quest, the Shadow Warriors in the Legends Guild are a great place to train.

Shadow Warriors
By now, you should have a pretty good idea about where you should train, so I'll leave it to you!

How monsters give experience

Experience is easy to gain in combat. Every monster gives you 4 exp per hit you give to the specified style of combat. Hitpoints experience goes up automatically. There is no specified skill to train hitpoints. Food is eaten to heal hitpoints. Random event monsters are the other way around. every 4 hitpoints of damage you inflict, you receive 1 experience point to the specified skill.

Player Killing

As well as being able to fight the many monsters in the world of RuneScape, you can also fight directly with other players. You cannot engage in combat with other players just anywhere, you have to be in the Wilderness. Fighting with players is often very dangerous, as their attack styles vary much more than that of monsters.

In multiway combat areas, you will often be ambushed by a team of Player Killers (PK'ers).

Killing other players can reap great benefits. When you attack another player, a skull will appear above your head. This means that whenever you die, you will lose all of your items, you won't keep your 3 best items. After 20 minutes of playing (without attacking another player) your skull will disappear.

When you are in the wilderness, you will notice a skull and crossbones at the bottom right of the screen. Underneat this icon will be the "level". This dicates what levels you will be able to attack - how many levels away from your own you may attack. For example, if you were level 86, and you were in Level 4 Wilderness, you would be able to attack other players as low as Level 82, or as high as Level 90.

Player Killing

Brief Sumary:
The Wilderness is a huge area in RuneScape that allows players to attack each other. Let's say your combat level is 25. When you enter the Wilderness you will start at level 1. This means that people with a combat level within 1 of you can attack you. At level 10, you can attack players with a combat level of 15-35. Warning! Players with a level 35 combat can attack you in level 10 wilderness (if you are a level 25)! The indicator which tells you what Wilderness level you are in is located at the bottom right of the screen.The wilderness is not mapped on the official RuneScape map, but it is on our map. The wilderness extends to level 48 for Freeplay, and 56 for members.


Dueling is a members-only feature. Dueling allows two players to engage in combat without having to go to the wilderness. If you die in a duel, you end up in Duel Arena with full health. To request a duel with another player, right click on him/her and click duel with ____. That will send a duel request to the person you want to duel with. If they accept your request the duel screen will open up. If someone sends a duel request to you, to accept you must request to duel with them. In the duel screen there are a few things you will see:

  1. Your stake: Not only does dueling allow two players to see who is a better fighter, but it also allows them to put up a stake. The winner of the duel is the person who kills his/her opponent. If you kill your opponent in a duel, ONLY their stake will appear on the ground, as well as bones. To put up a stake, click on an item in 'Your inventory' and it will be added to your stake.

  2. Opponent's stake: 'Opponent's stake' shows your opponent's stake.

  3. Your inventory: 'Your inventory' shows everything in your inventory. To add an item to your stake, click on it.

  4. Checkbox for 'No retreating': The no retreating checkbox allows to players to fight to death. If this checkbox is filled, no one can retreat, or teleport out of the duel.

  5. Checkbox for 'No prayers': The 'No prayers' checkbox disallows the use of prayers during the whole duel.

  6. Checkbox for 'No magic': The 'No magic' checkbox disallows the use of magic during the whole duel.

  7. Checkbox for 'No weapons': 'No weapons' disallows the use of ALL worn items. Not just weapons.

  8. 'Accept' button: If you and your opponent click the 'Accept' button you will be brought to the next screen which shows a list of both your stakes, and what is allowed and what is not. In that screen there is an accept button also, and if you and your opponent accept, your duel will start.

  9. The 'Decline' button closes the duel screen.


The Runeguard Clan