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The Runeguard clan

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Start point: Varrock palace garden

To start: Speak to Queen Ellamaria in the east part of Varrock Castle

Quest length: Medium

Quest difficulty: Easy

Minimum requirements: Must have completed the Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest and must have level 25 farming

Items Needed: Ring of charos, Seed dibber, Rake, Spade, Watering can, 3 Cabbage seeds, 3 Onion seeds, 1 Marigold seed, 5 Buckets of compost, Hammer, 1 Rune essence, 2 Plant cures, Pestle and mortar, Fishing rod, Plantpot, Secateurs, Trowel (if your plantpot is empty, fill it at a farming patch)

Suggested teleport items: A charged Aumet of glory, Games necklace, Ectophial, Teleport runes for Ardougne, Falador, Varock, Camolot, Lumbridge.

  1. Start off by talking to the Queen in the east part of Varrock Castle

    Start point

  2. She will tell you that she is in need of a gardener and asks if you can help. Agree and she will give you a list of things needed to make the garden complete.


  3. Next head to Draynor Village and talk to The Wise Old Man.

    Wise old man

  4. He will tell you a little story about what the queen used to do before she married the king. Then he will ask about the story of charos. Say you have the Ring of charos in the bank. Give it to him and you'll be asked a series of 7 questions.

    Here are the answers:
    Question 1 - Show them a range of colors so that they can come to a compromise.
    Question 2 - Take his generous gift even though you have no need for it.
    Question 3 - Definitely.
    Question 4 - Put on the silly helmet and jump into the cannon.
    Question 5 - You of course Pkmaster0036, no one could ever challenge your greatness!
    Question 6 - I'll do whatever you ask - I just love the monarchy!
    Question 7 - If I do I'll let you know.
    Answer them right and get a Ring of Charos (U)

  5. To get the Dulphinium Seeds talk to Elstan in the farming spot south of Falador. Be sure you have the Ring of Charos on before you do. Ask him about the seeds and use the {Charm} option on him everytime. He will give you the seeds if you give him a bunch of marigolds. Plant some marigolds in that flower patch. When they are fully grown, pick them and give them to him and you will get your seeds.


    Delphinium seeds

  6. Now head to Port Phasmatys and talk to Lyra at the farming spot to get the Orchid seeds. Once again use the {charm} options on her and she will tell you that you need to grow a patch of onions in one of the farming spots. Talk to her when your plants are ready to be harvested and you will get the seeds.


    Orchid seeds

  7. Head to Kragen, at the farming patch north of Ardougne. Talk to him using the charm options again and he will ask you to grow a patch of cabbages in one of his spots. Talk to him when the plants are ready to be harvested to get your seeds.


    Snowdrop seeds

  8. Go to Bernald in Burthrope, located east of the pub and talk to him, he will say that his grapes need to be healed. Try using a plant cure on them. It will not work. Talk to him again and he will say to visit a druid garderner near him. (Alain, located at the tree patch just south of the members/free world gate east of Taverly.) Speak to Alain and tell him your problem but for your last response do NOT use the charmed answer!

  9. He will tell you to crush up some rune essence and put it in the plant cure. Take any rune essence and use a hammer with it to break it into shards. Then use the shards with a pestle and mortar to grind it up. Then use the essence dust with the plant cure. Take your potent plant cure back to burthrope and use it with the vines.

  10. **This step requires a plantpot and secateurs**
    Next, go to Dantaera at the Catherby farming spot. She will tell you about a White tree on Ice mountain that is dieing. You will need to take a piece of the tree and plant it in a plantpot. Go to Ice mountain, to where to oracle is, and you will see a White tree.

    White tree

    Use your secateurs on the tree and you will get a white tree shoot. Use this shoot on your plantpot. Be sure to water the shoot.

  11. Note: For this step, do not throw your ring in the well or destroy it before you talk to the monk!
    Go to the Edgeville Monastery and try to take a rose seed. Brother Althric will forbid this because you are wearing an evil talisman. Go to edgeville and throw your ring of charos into the well or destory it. Now go try and pick a seed from the bushes again. He will let you this time. Pick a seed from all 3 bushes.

    Red rosebushseeds

  12. Now if you threw your ring down the well, go back to Edgeville and get a fishing rod, use your rod on the well to try and get your ring back. If you chose to destroy your ring, you need to go to the third floor of Fenkenstrain's house and pickpocket the ring from the Doctor. You will need the ring for the last step in the quest.

  13. To plant the garden, you'll need a rake, seed dibber, spade, 2 buckets of compost, the seeds aquired, and the white tree sapling. You will not have to use any compost or water on any of the lots, with the exception of the two plant pots which you must fill with a bucket of compost to plant the orchids. You should do this part before going to get the statues, so that by the time you return with the statues they are partially grown and you won't have to wait as long before talking to the queen.

  14. Go talk to Queen Ellamaria again and ask how you should get the statues there. She will give you a trolley. Do not push the statues too slow or you will have to start all over.

  15. Now teleport or walk to Falador and use your trolley on the statue of Saradomin. You will get a funny cutscene. Now push your statue towards Varrock. After a few pushes you will find yourself behind Varrock castle. Push your statue towards the garden and place it on the stand the most towards the south.

  16. Next, teleport or walk to Lumbridge and take the statue thats to the south of the castle entrance. Do just the same as in the last step. Push the trolley into the garden and place the statue on the stand most north.


  17. Talk to the Queen again when the whole garden is fully grown. She will ask you to go and get King Roald.

    Congratulations, you just made your first Royal garden!


Quest complete
Reward: 2 Quest points, 5k Farming experience, 1 Apple tree seed, 1 Acorn, 5 Guam seeds, and a Supercompost potion. The white tree gives a fruit which you can pick. Eating one will regain between 5-10% energy. The supercompost potion is a potion that makes supercompost out of compost. You can only get 1 potion (4), so its smarter that you dont use it on normal buckets of compost, but instead on compost bins full of compost to get 15 supercompost with 1 dose.

The Runeguard Clan