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The Runeguard clan

The Grand Tree
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Description: The Grand Tree, which shelters the majority of RuneScape's small gnome population, is dying. Is it human sabotage or an inside job? Help King Shareem to find the true cause and save the tree gnomes from an uncertain fate.

Difficulty: Hard, Long

Items/Skills needed to start: Level 25 Agility, able to beat level 172 demon, and 30gp for your trip to Ardougne from Brimhaven.

Starting Location: Grand Tree in the Gnome Stronghold northwest of Ardougne.

Reward: 11200 Agility experience (at level 30 you get 4 levels), 18400 attack experience, 2150 mage experience, and 5 quest points. Ability to use Spirit Tree teleport from Gnome Stronghold (assuming The Gnome Tree Questi s complete.) Also, you are able to use the Gnome Gliders after you complete this quest.


  1. Talk to the King at the Grand Tree, which is in the northern area of the Gnome Stronghold; he will give you a translation book and a bark sample.

    king pic

  2. Take these to Hazelmere; he is south of Ardougne and east of Yannile, on a spit of land near the town with the fight arena and Yanille (magic guild town).

    hazelmere map pic

  3. There are Jungle Spiders on this peninsula. The house is on top of hill. Enter and go up the ladder.
    Then talk to Hazelmere; he will take the sample and show you a message.
    The message when translated using your book says:
    "A man came to me with the King seal
    I gave human Daconia rock
    and Daconia rocks will kill trees!"
    * I have given a direct translation. *

  4. Go back to the King at Grand Tree, talk to him, and select the message as above (you will have to select 'none of the above' 3 times before the correct selection appears).

  5. Go to Glough (in tree south and slightly southeast of path), talk to him, and he says he will take care of it and you should go back to talk to king.

    Glough's house pic

  6. The King tells you that they have already caught someone; you ask to see the prisoner. The King gives you permission and tells you that the prisoner is at the top of tree.

  7. Charlie, the prisoner, tells you to search Glough's home.

  8. Go back to Glough, search the cupboard; you will find a journal. (There is also a chest; you will get the key to this a little later in the quest).

  9. Take the journal back to the King and tell him of your suspicions. The King dismisses your ideas and sends you back to talk to Glough.

  10. Talk to Glough once again... you accuse him, and he has you arrested and imprisoned next to Charlie at the top of the tree.

  11. Whilst in prison Charlie tells you about warships being built on Karamja. He tells you a password to tell to the foreman of the shipyard.

  12. The King lets you out of prison; you can now use the glider to go to Karamja to find the foreman. (Jungle spiders and Jogres in this area.)

  13. Try to open the gate; the shipyard worker (level 23) will ask for a password. Select the three choices:


    shipyard worker pic

  14. You can do one of two things here now either kill him or talk to him. If you talk to the foreman lvl 43; he will ask 3 questions to make sure you've come from Glough.
    1. How is Glough's wife? (She is no longer with us)
    2. What's Glough's favourite food? (Wormhole)
    3. What is his new girlfriend called? (Anita)
    (If you get the answers wrong he will attack you.)
    After this you will receive an a note for Glough about the ship. Take this back to the King.

  15. You can't return by the glider, as it was broken when you landed (If you get stuck on Karamja, go pick some bananas and Luthas will pay you 30gp ). If you just try to walk back, the guards won't let you back in as they think you are a spy.

    There are two ways to get back in. (a) If you have done the Tree Gnome Village Quest, go to the Tree Gnome Village (the maze) and transport back in via the Spirit tree. (b) If you have not done that quest, go to the gate and talk to Femi, say you need to get in and she will sneak you in...(only once). If you are her friend (if you have spoken to her before and helped get her sacks through the gate) she will sneak you in for free. If not, she will charge you 1000 gp.

    spirit tree pic

    front gate blocked pic

  16. The King yet again refuses to believe your accusations against Glough.
    Go and talk to Charlie at the top of the tree again.

  17. Charlie suggests that you talk to Glough's girlfriend, Anita; she might be able to help you. Anita lives near the swamp, northwest of the Grand Tree.

  18. Talk to Anita and she will ask you to return a key to Glough. This is the key to the chest that you have been waiting for!

  19. Open the chest in Glough's house, you will get some notes about his plan to take over Runescape.

  20. Take this evidence to the King. Once again, he doesn't believe you but he says that they have searched Glough's house and all they found was four sticks. The King gives you the sticks. They spell T-U-Z-O.

  21. If you check with your translation book you will find that, if rearranged, the sticks will spell the word 'open'.

    For the whole list of translations go to the bottom of this guide.

  22. Go back to Glough's treehouse and Climb up the Watchtower (this is why you need level 25 Agility to complete quest).

  23. Here you will find a stone stand. Place the sticks on the stand in the following order: (use the sticks with stand)
    't' in the far left position
    'u' in center left position
    'z' in center right
    and finally the 'o' in the far right.

    Once you have done this, open the stone stand . . . but be warned before you do this . . .
    After you drop down a Black Demon (level 172) attacks you. So be sure to go with plenty of prayer to paralyze or food!

    tuzo stands pic

    daconia rocks hiding place pic

    Range/Mage option

    There are Daconia rocks west of the ladder; make sure you get the demon out first (see next step), then run over into the blue rocks. If he can still attack you, go farther in. Make sure he doesn't hit you, but in case he does bring food.

  24. You have a brief conversation with Glough, and then a Black Demon appears and attacks you (the map will zoom out and start to shake). Once you have killed it, follow the passageway until you see the King. Talk to him and he will express concern that you are hurt. At this point you once again accuse Glough.

    king and ladder out pic

  25. He sends guards to check out your story. Once proved he asks you to help one last time and find the last Daconia Stone. Search all the roots in the area until you find a small blue rock.

  26. Once you find it return to King and he will reward you. You will also be able to use the gliders, and you can mine here (under the tree) after pushing past some roots just north of here. To access this mine in the future, enter the Grand Tree and move the tile in the floor.

    The Gnome Translation Guide


    Arpos: Rocks
    Andos: Gate
    Andra: City
    Ataris: Cow


    Cef: Threat
    Cinqo: King
    Cretor: Bucket


    Eis: Me
    Es: A
    Et: And
    Eto: Will


    Gandius: Jungle
    Gentis: Leaf
    Gutus: Banana
    Gomondo: Branch




    Ip: You
    Imindus: Quest
    Irno: Translate


    Kar: No
    Kai: Boat
    Ko: Sail


    Lemanto: Man
    Lovos: Gave


    Meso: Came
    Meriz: Kill
    Mos: Coin
    Mi: I
    Mond: Seal


    Prit: With
    Priw: Tree
    Pro: To


    Qui: Guard
    Quir: Guardian


    Rentos: Agility


    Sind: Big


    ta: the
    tuzo: open


The Runeguard Clan