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The Runeguard clan

Gertudes Cat
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Description: Gertrude's cat is missing and she is frantic about finding it. Track down the cat and return it.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Items/Skills Needed To Start: A raw sardine, a doogle leaf, bucket of milk, and 100 coins

Starting Location: Just across road from Juliet's House, just West of Varrock

Reward: 1 quest point, chocolate cake, stew, 1525 cooking xp, and a kitten


  1. Find gertrude and get the info about her problem. She'll tell you to go talk to her boys Wilough and Shilop in Varrock square (they are just west of the big fountain)

  2. Talk to Shilop and he'll tell you where he last saw the cat for 100gp (little kids gotta get their allowance somehow...)

  3. Head North to the Jolly Boar Inn and then go east to the lumber mill. You can hop the fence on the South side over the broken part.

  4. Go over to the ladder and on the 2nd floor try to pick up the cat. It will cause 3 damage and a message appears saying it might be thirsty. Use milk on it. Repeat the procedure only it's hungry this time. Rub your doogle leaf on a sardine for a seasoned sardine and feed it to cat. Repeat one more time and find out it doesn't want to leave and can hear kitten mews in the distance.

  5. Go back down and look in the pinkish crates for cats. You only need 1 kitten to take back up to Fluffs (the cat). Only one of the crates has a cat in it but for some reason several will mew, it might be random but I got mine in the most south eastern box. Use the kitten with Fluffs and they'll run home.

  6. Run over to Gertrude's place again and she'll talk for a minute then give you your reward

The Runeguard Clan