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The Runeguard clan

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Start point: Mines in Morytania

To start: Speak to the Zealot

Quest length: Medium

Minimum Requirements: Level 15 Agility, 35 Crafting, Able to defeat 95 enemy, Protect from Ranged helps

Items Needed: Food, prayer potions (optional), chisel, and ball of string for the end.

Reward: 22k Strength Experience, Salve Amulet, and 2 Quest Points

1. Go to the Saradominist Zealot near the mines and say you follow Saradomin and ask him what he is doing here. He will tell you about the Zamorak Mage protecting some "sacred crystals" down there and saying how he will kill all who try and steal them.


2. Pickpocket the Saradominist Zealot to obtain a key.

3. Head south west until you get to a mine cart. Climb over it and you will be at the Entrance to the caves.

Mine Cart

4. As you enter the mines walk west, do not pay attention to the ladders you will see and head to the other side of the tunnel and out. Go south a few steps then go back in the tunnel. Go east a bit and you will come to a ladder, go down it.

Cave Level 1

5. Head east again and go down the next ladder.

Cave Level 2

6. You should see a mine cart moving around. Do not let it hit you as you can get hurt from it. Instead, make your way up the tracks, hiding in the alcoves to the side whenever the cart comes. At the end of the tracks, go down the ladder.

Mine Cart

Cave Level 3

7. Pick some fungus and bring it to the cart towards the west. Use the fungus with the cart.

Cave Level 4

Glowing Fungus

Fungus in Cart

8. Now go to the cart controls and pull these levers: a, b, d, i, e, j. This should transport the cart to the other side of the maze with the fungus along with it.

Pull Levers

If that does not work just match the tracks up to look like this:

Points Settings

Points Settings

9. Go all the way back up to the Level One of the caves and go down the ladder you ignored earlier. Go west and down another ladder to the cart. Take the fungus out and go back up the ladder.

Cave Level 3

10. Head east and then keep going down the ladders and south until you get to the water valve. Use the Zealot key you pickpocketed on it and run as fast as you can to the lift before the ghost turns the valve. (Make sure you have high energy before you do it).

Cave Level 4

Water Valve

10. Now get ready for the final battle. Go down to the lowest level with the fungus. You must now kill a level 95 ghost that is rather hard to kill, as it teleports around the room and many things in the room will attack you.

11. I recommend protect from range and a lot of food for this part. To begin the battle, try to take the innocent looking key. Axes will fly at you, so use protect from ranged, and cranes will hit you too, but not as often.


12. Once you kill him, take the innocent looking key and head back up a level. Next, head over to some stairs onthe other side of the area. Open the door and take the crystal shard.


Crystal Outcrop

Quest Complete! You can now use the crystal with the ball of string to get a Salve Amulet, which is very strong against undead. Its stats are: +15% to Accuracy, Strength, and Defense; bonuses are: stab +3, slash +3, crush +3, mage +0, range +0, prayer +3


The Runeguard Clan