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The Runeguard clan

In Search of the Myreque
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Description:Canifis is experiencing an upsurge in new faces and a new stranger has appeared with a job to track down some local heroes known only as "The Myreque". The Myreque are fighting a desperate battle against the darkness of Morytania and he wishes to take them weapons to aid in the battle. Can you help him out?

Start point: Hair of the Dog Tavern in Canifis.

To start: Talk to a stranger in the corner of the Tavern.

Quest Length: Short

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Requirements: Must have completed Nature Spirit quest

Skills Needed: Level 25 Agility; Must be able to defeat a level 97 foe

Recommended: Level 43 Prayer Protect from Melee makes the final battle easy and painless

Items Needed: Steel longword, 2 Steel (short) swords, Steel mace, Steel warhammer, Steel dagger; Druid pouch containing at least 5 items; 30 (Steel) Nails, Hammer, 6 Planks; at least 10 gp (see notes at bottom for obtaining items)

Reward: 2 quest points; 600 attack, defense, strength, hitpoints, and crafting experience; Quick route to Mort'ton; 2 rubies and 4 big bones (from the skeletal Hellhound you killed)


  1. Speak to the stranger in the Hair of the Dog bar in Canifis (note: once you engage in conversation with him, he will change to appear as Vanstrom Klause.) He will tell you of some heroes who need weapons and where to go to try to locate them. He will tell you that you need a steel longsword, 2 regular swords, 1 mace, 1 warhammer, and 1 dagger.
  2. Go to the east side of Mort'ton (east-southeast of the General Store). Talk to the boatman Cyreg Paddlehorn at the water's edge and try to convince him to let you go search for the heroes. He will say that he can't tell you how to get to Myreque. Say "Well, I guess they'll just die without weapons." He will say that they can look after themselves. Reply with, "Resourceful enough to get their own steel weapons?" He will say maybe they are and tells you to leave him alone. Say "If you don't tell me, their deaths are on your head!" He will say that it was stupid for them to go. Finally talk about what kind of man are you saying that you don't care. Finally he will give in. He should let you use the boat if you show him you have a druid pouch with at least 5 items in it (he won't allow you to go with less) and 6 wooden planks. He will require 3 planks from you, and 10 gp for the use of the boat.
  3. Board the boat which will take you north along the waterway. Walk north through about 3 areas until you see a weird tree that you can climb (it appears to have boards nailed to it to form a ladder). Click the "Walk here" option on each section of bridge in front of you. As you do this it will break, and you will need to make repairs. Fix the three bridge parts with the 3 planks and 30 nails you have, then climb down the tree on the far side.
  4. Go north to another weird looking hollow tree and talk to the guard (Curpile Fyod) out front. Tell him you've brought the weapons and then answer three questions for him to prove you're telling the truth.
    Here are some possible questions and answers (they vary):
    1) Who is the only female in the Myreque? Sani Piliu.
    2) Who is the leader of the Myreque? Veliaf Hurtz.
    3) What is the boatman's name? Cyreg Paddlehorn.
    4) Who is the scholar of the Myreque? Polmafi Ferdygris.
    5) What family is rumored to rule over Morytania? Draken.
    6) Who is the youngest member of the Myreque? Ivan Strom.
    7) What does Myreque mean? Hidden in Myre.

    If you fail to answer the questions you will be knocked unconscious and will wake up at the boat again, requiring another 10gp, but at least the bridge will not fail this time. If you don't remember an answer, the boatman will fill you in if you ask him.
  5. When you have correctly answered the guard's questions, circle around his tree to the north and you will see a set of doors in the earth (they are unlocked after you've answered the questions). Enter and proceed north following the tunnel, but don't go all the way north to the wall. Instead take a little east branch and right-click on the "Squeeze-past stalagmite" option to enter the secret cave of the Myreque.

    Stalagmite entrance pic and tunnel map

  6. Start off by talking to Veliaf, then talk to all of the others before coming back to Veliaf. It isn't necessary to actually ask any questions of them (you don't need any more info to finish the quest), just say "Ok thanks" and talk to another one.
  7. Go back and talk to Veliaf again. He will now accept your weapons, however...
  8. You will now see a cinematic clip of some mist appearing and see Veliaf call out, then the mist takes the form of Vanstrom. He shouts evil things and the others say things like "Oh no!" and "We're dead!" The sequence continues showing Vanstrom growing larger with wings and evil eyes; he kills Harold and Sani. He then leaves the room as he entered but not before summoning a great skeletal beast to kill you and everyone in the room.
  9. Turn on Protect from Melee and kill the beast. He drops 2 uncut rubies (his eyes) and 4 big bones.

    Skeletal hellhound pic

  10. Talk to Veliaf again. Tell him you want to join the Myreque and ask how to get out to Canifis. He will tell you that the room further down after you exit the cave is the basement of the Canifis tavern. Get out of the stalagmite sub-cave, go north, and search the wall. Pass the broken ladder and ascend the ladder on the north wall. You will surface south of the tavern (the nearby trapdoor is your alternate route back to Mort'ton in future).
  11. Proceed back into the tavern and seek out Vanstrom, only to find (to your horror) that Vanstrom isn't there but only a stranger! Talk to him... You will find that your quest is complete... for now.

    Quest reward pic

Where to get items: planks can be purchased from Mort'ton Building Supplies Store [if you've done Shades of Mort'ton quest and applied Serum(207) or Serum(207)p to Razmire], or from the spawns in the wilderness or outside the Barbarian Outpost. A hammer can likewise be purchased from Razmire. Druid pouch spawns in the Nature Spirit grotto on island in Mort Myre swamp. Items to fill the Druid pouch are obtained by using Silver sickle(b) "Cast bloom" option while standing near certain twigs, logs and bushes in Mort Myre swamp. Pick these items (Mort Myre stems, fungi or pears) and then click on your Druid pouch to fill it. Since the ghasts will continue to affect the contents of your Druid pouch while you are in swamp, it may be best to bring the items out of swamp towards Mort'ton and *then* fill pouch.

The Runeguard Clan