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The Runeguard clan

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Description:Tai Bwo Wannai medicine man Trifitus needs 5 special herbs so he can make a communion potion with the gods. He hires you of course.

Difficulty Level:Medium (involves a lot of running past enemies)

Items/Skills Needed To Start: Level 3 Herblore, Must have completed Druidic Ritual Quest, Weapon and armor to run past or fight Level 53 Jogres, also, anti-poison is useful against tribesman.

Starting Location:Tai Bwo Wannai's circular bamboo house

Reward:1 quest point, 775 herblore xp


  1. Talk to Triftus about what he needs. He will tell you to go find an herb called Snake Weed. Refer to the map at the bottom of this guide to help you find all of the herbs Trifitus needs. Head south west throught the village and go over the muddy land bridge. Go a little west and look for a marshy jungle vine and search it, then id the herb. Go back to Trifitus

  2. The next herb he sends you after is called Ardrigal. Go northeast past the cliffs and follow the shore till you come to a little penninsula with palms, one you can search to find and id the herb. Head back to Trifitus

  3. The next herb is Sito Foil. Trifitus sends you south to where theres an ever burning fire. Go around the semi-enclosure building and searched the scorched earth just south of there. Get and id the herb and go back

  4. The 2nd to last herb is called Vocenia Moss. Head southeast to a little pile of rocks that is hard to miss. Search one of the plain rocks and id the moss. Go back for your final task

  5. The grand finale herb is called Rouges Purse. Of course the last is the hardest so make sure you have some Armor and maybe food and head north. You should see the entrance to a dungeon up on some cliffs, head east around the cliffs and then back west up on them until you enter the cave

  6. Once your in run past Jogres or fight them to the southeast passage. Look for the fungus covered wall, search it, and id the rouges purse. Head back to Trifitus for the 5th and final time.

  7. Once back, Trifitus will thank and reward you and train you in herblore. (Congratulations)

Here is a map that shows the location of all of the herbs Trifitus asks for:

The Runeguard Clan