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The Runeguard clan

Big Chompy Bird Hunting

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Rantz the Ogre needs to feed his demanding children, Fycie and Bugs so he wants to go Big Chompy Bird hunting. Problem is, he's all fingers and thumbs when it comes to making ogre arrows. Could someone please give him a hand.

Requirements: 5 Fletching 30 cooking 30 Ranging

Items/Skills Needed To Start: Chisel, Weapons/armor to kill a level 64 wolf, a Hatchet, a Knife to cut logs with, and about 100-150 Feathers. Wolf bones, you can get these anywhere and don't have to get them during the quest if you know a place to kill wolves before you start.(You need 4 or 5 Wolf bones)
Reward: 2 Quest points and about 735 ranged xp, 262 xp fletching, 1470 xp cooking, Ogre bow and ability to make Ogre arrows

Starting Location: Feldip Hills area southeast of Ogre city Gu'Tanoth, which is southwest of Yanille

Starting Location: Feldip Hills area southeast of Ogre city Gu'Tanoth, which is southwest of Yanille


He will tell you to make some ogre arrows ''stabbers'' which are arrows made by using logs from the Achey Tree for shafts and Wolf bones for tips. You need normal feathers.

First you will need your axe to cut down the Achey Trees. You will need about 10 logs to do the quest. Then take your knife and cut the logs like normal arrows. The logs to arrow shafts process is random to my knowledge; one log makes either 2, 4 or 6 arrow shafts.

Then, add your feathers to the arrow shafts you made from the Achey logs. A minimum of 4 feathers are used per arrow, so you may need up to 150 feathers to complete the whole process. These are flighted arrow shafts.

Now for the tips, you have to kill a level 64 Wolf, they are just west of where you find Rantz, kill the wolf and pick up Wolf bones. You will need 3 - 6 wolves to be able to make enough arrows. You need at least 12 - 15 tips. (Note: For lower combat players, the level 25 wolves at White Wolf Mountain drop wolf bones as well.)


Use your Chisel with the Wolf bones to make some Wolfbone arrow tips out of the bones. You can make from 2-6 arrow tips from each set of bones (generally six).

Add your arrow tips to the flighted arrow shafts that you already made.

You will need to make 6 or more. When you have made the arrows, go talk to Rantz. If you are smart, you make 12 or more arrows because you will need some later when you have to kill the Chompy for Rantz. You can make as many as you want because you can use the arrows later to increase your Chompy Bird hunter level. Right click on the bow to check your level.

When talking to Rantz select the option about Fatsy Toadsies, otherwise when you do the next step you will be told to go talk to Rantz and won't be able to open the chest.

Now you will need to bait the Chompy Bird, go to the cave that is a bit north of Rantz, go in and talk to the 2 ogres in there, Fycie and Bugs they are his children.

When you finish talking to them, go search the Chest in the north west of the cave. You lose ONE strength point if you fail this.

You will get an Ogre bellows, now go to the swamp just west of Rantz, there are some bubbles coming out of the swamp, use the bellows with the bubbles to fill the bellows with gas.

Now use the bellows with the Swamp toads around the area. The toad will fill with gas and grow big and then the toad will automatically get placed in your inventory. You will need 3 toads full of gas. (You can't get more than 3 at a time, but expert Chompy hunters say to inflate 3, then drop them and quickly inflate 3 more.)

When you got the fatsy toadsies, go to Rantz and he will tell you to drop the toads with gas south of him. An arrow will appear that points to the Chompy Hunting Grounds south of Rantz, drop the toads in the area where he showed you.

When you have dropped the toads go back to Rantz and he will shoot at the bird but he won't hit it and will blame it on your arrows. Tell him you want to try it, if you ask him enough times you will get an Ogre bow.

Now if you didn't make extra arrows above, you will need more arrows so do the steps above again to make at least 5 arrows.

(here is a picture of the Bow and Arrows u will need)

If you made the extra arrows ahead of time, you can skip this part and just start shooting the Chompy bird that Rantz was shooting, instead of going through all of the process of collecting toads over again. If not, after you make the arrows, get 3 more Toads per the above instructions and drop them the same place as Rantz told you before. Walk away a few feet to allow the birds to get at the toads. The Chompy will fly down near the toads you placed there; shoot it.


when it dies, go pluck it. When you have plucked the Chompy, there will be raw Chompy Bird on the ground with some bones and some feathers. Grab the feathers if you wish to make more arrows, and take the raw Chompy Bird to Rantz.

Rantz will tell you that you have to cook the bird for him. He will also tell you how he wants it cooked (what he wants on the cooked Chompy bird), and tells you to go ask his sons for their food orders, too. Make a note of the food items you need. The sons are still in the cave north of Rantz. The items needed varies each time between these food items: Cabbage, Tomato, Potato, Onion, Equa leaves, or Doogle leaves.


The food items can be found around the Ogre city area and around the area where Rantz is:
The Onions and Tomatoes are just west of the swamp with the toads.
The Cabbage is in various locations including just north of the swamps with the toads, and around the Equa leaves.
The Doogle leaves are west of the Onions.
The potatoes and equa leaves are found at the shore south then east of Rantz. The Potato is very hard to find and spawns only rarely in this area.

When you get the required ingredients, go north of Rantz and south of the cave, there is a special Fire there. Use the Raw Chompy bird on the fire and it will cook the bird with the ingredients.

When you have cooked the bird, go to Rantz and talk to him.

The Runeguard Clan