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The Runeguard clan

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Description: Second part of an ongoing adventure. Help Elena discover the truth about the infamous Ardougne plague. Smuggle test samples across Ardougne to Elena's old mentor.

Difficulty Level: Easy - Medium

Items/Skills Needed To Start: 12 coins, must have done Plague city quest, and Priest robe set (can be bought in Varrock's Fancy Clothes Shop which is next door to where you need them anyway).

Starting Location: Talk with Elena in Ardougne. She now lives just across the street (east) of where her parents live.


  1. Talk to Elena, she will say that her Distillator has been stolen by the Mourner and the tunnel is blocked. Accept her quest and she will tell you to find a man called Jerico.

  2. Jerico is located in the house south of the north bank in East Ardougne. After you have found him, talk to him and he will ask you to find Omart. Before you leave, pick up one Pigeon Cage and search his cupboards to find some Bird feed.

  3. Omart is located in the southern part of West Ardougne, west of the Carnillean Mansion. After you have found him, talk to him and he will say every thing is ready but you can't risk it with the watcher tower so close. He will say that you should go back and talk to Jerico again. You can but if you don't want to waste time, DON'T.

  4. Remember that you have the Pigeon cage and some Bird feed? Go to the watchtower which is located north of Omart and use the Bird feed on the watchtower. Then open the Pigeon cage. The mourners will focus on the pigeons now, not you. Talk to Omart and go to West Ardougne by using a rope.

  5. Go to the northeast building in West Ardougne. Take a Rotten apple which is just a little northwest of the house. Climb over the fence and use the Rotten apple on the Cauldron. Try to open the door and a Mourner will say that some Mourners are ill and they need a doctor.

  6. Now it's your time to be a doctor. Head southwest and find Nurse Sarah's house. Go in and search the cupboard; you will find a Doctor's gown. Put it on and go back to the Mourner house.

  7. Open the door in front of the Mourner house. The Mourners will let you in. Climb up the staircase. Open the door and tell the Mourner whatever you like. He will attack you. Kill him and do the same to the other Mourner. After you killed two Mourners, you should get a key. Use it on the gate and the gate should open. Search all the crates until you find the Distillator. Get out of the house.

  8. Go to the southeast corner of the plague city area. Talk to Kilron and tell him that you want to go back.

  9. When you reach West Ardougne, go to Elena's house and talk to her. She will give you some filled vials. She will also ask you to get some touch paper from the chemist and use the chemist's delivery men to smuggle the vials to Varrock. Accept the items she gives you. DON'T TELEPORT OR THE VIALS WILL BREAK, although you can put the vials in your bank and then teleport.

  10. The chemist is located just west of Rimmington. After you reach there, talk to the chemist; just say you are Elena's friend. DO NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT PLAGUE. Say that you need the touch paper for Guidor. He will give you the paper.

  11. Now it's time to give the vials to the 3 delivery men. Give Hops the Sulphuric Broline, Chancy the Liquid honey and DeVinci the Ethanea. They will say that they will meet you in the Dancing Donkey Inn in Varrock. Make sure you have the Plague sample with you, because if you get the vials from the delivery men, and then need to get the sample out of the bank, the guard will just take away the vials and you will have to go back to Elena to receive the vials all over again.

  12. The Dancing Donkey Inn is located in the southeast corner of Varrock. Before you reach there, a guard should search you. That's why you needed the delivery men to smuggle the other vials. Talk to them in the Dancing Donkey Inn to get back the vials.

  13. Guidor's house is just southeast of this inn. Talk to Guidor's wife, she will say that she needs a priest. Put on the Priest robes and talk to Guidor's wife again. She will allow you to go in.

  14. Now it is time to realize the truth. Talk to Guidor and tell him you are here because of Elena and give all the vials to him. He will tell you that there is no plague.

  15. Go back to Elena's house and tell her there is no plague, she will tell you to see the King of Ardougne.

  16. The King is in the second floor of the palace in Ardougne, which is located in the middle of West Ardougne (west just across the bridge from the General Store). Talk to King Lathas and he will tell you about his brother, King Tyras, and reward you.

Reward: 3 quest points, 1.5k thieving experience, and the ability to use King Lathas' training field.

The Runeguard Clan