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The Runeguard clan

Demon Slayer

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Requirements: Able to Kill Level 27 Demon.

Items Needed: 25 Bones and a Bucket of Water.

Talk to the Gypsy inside the Stripped Tent in Varrock Center. (she will tell you to cross her Palm with Silver, just say ok, no Silver is needed.)

After talking to the Gypsy go the Varrock Castle and talk to Sir Prysin.

After talking to Sir Prysin go to the Northwest Corner of the Castle and climb the Stairs to the Third Floor. Talk to Captain Rovin and he will give you a Key.

Now go to the Northeast Corner of the Castle. If you don’t already have a Bucket go up the Ladder and grab the one in the Room to the East. Fill the Bucket from the Sink in the Kitchen and go outside. Search the Drain. Now "use" the Bucket of Water on the Drain. Go down into the Varrock Sewer. Take the Northwest Passage and you will see the Key on the Ground in front of a Pipe.

DemonThe last Key is being held in the Wizard's Tower, South of Draynor. You need twenty-five Bones in your Inventory to get this Key. Go to the Second Floor of the Wizards Tower and talk to Traiborn the Wizard. He says he needs twenty-five Bones to cast the Spell to get they Key. He takes the Bones and casts the Spell.

When you have all three Keys return to Sir Prysin and he will give you the Sword Silverlight.

Once you have Silverlight go to the Druid Circle outside the City. Attack Delrith, once you have killed him he will shrink and cower. Four Incantations will appear on the screen. Choose the bottom one and Delrith will die. When Delrith dies you have completed the Quest.

Reward: 3 Quest Points, and Silverlight Sword.

The Runeguard Clan