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Dragon Slayer Quest Guide
By: Suker13
Edited By: Kirzath and King Zonk
Coded By: Majik Pk

Requirements: Must have 32 Quest Points, must be able to beat Level 89 Dragon, Level 34 Smithing (or a friend with 34 Smithing so they can make you twelve Nails), 33 Magic (not needed, but recommended).
Items Needed:

  • Lobster Pot (buy at Fishing Store)
  • Unfired Bowl: (use Water on Soft Clay, go to Potting Wheel and make a Bowl, don’t Fire it)
  • Sheet of Silk: (buy in Clothes Store in Varrock, or buy from Silk Merchant in Al Kharid.)
  • Wizard Mind Bomb: (buy at Pub in Falador)
  • Anti Dragon Breath Shield: (go to Lumbridge Castle) on the second Floor and talk to the Duke.
  • Three Planks (find in the Skeleton Graveyard in Level 21 Wilderness)
  • Twelve Nails (one Steal Bar makes two Nails, need to be Level 34 Smithing.)
  • Hammer
  • 12,000 Gold Pieces (2,000 Gold Pieces to buy the Boat Lady Lumbridge, and 10,000 Gold Pieces to bribe Wormbrain to sell you his Map Piece. You do not need the extra 10,000 if you have Level 33 Magic)

Start: Talk to the Guildmaster in the Champions Guild and ask him where to get a Rune Plate Body.

  1. Talk to Oziach located West of Edgeville. He tells you that you need to gather three Pieces to make a Map, to get to the Dragon. He will give you a Key to Melzar's Maze to get one Piece of the Map and he will tell you a hint on how to get the others.

  2. First Map: Go to Melzar's Maze located West from Port Sarim. You need to get to the Green Key to open the Chest where the first Piece of the Map is. You need to kill each Creature to get the Key and go on to the next stage by unlocking a Door:
    • Red Key – Rat, the Door to use is the Northwestern most.
    • Orange Key – Ghost, the Door to use is the second one from the left looking South.
    • Yellow Key – Skeleton, the Door is all the way to the Southwest.
    • Blue Key – Zombie, most South, use Northern most Door.
    • Magenta Key - Melzar the Mad, only one Guy, open the North Door.
    • Green Key - Lesser Demon, only one Lesser Demon and use the Door on the North wall then open the Chest for your Map Piece.

  3. Since you are right by the third Map Piece, go get it. It is located in Port Sarim in the Goblin’s Jail, talk to the Goblin (Wormbrain) and he will tell you that he wants 10,000 Gold Pieces for his Map Piece. If you have Level 33 Magic, kill him using either Magic Spells or Ranging. Use the Telegrab Spell to take the Map Piece that he drops.

  4. Second Map Piece: Talk to the Oracle located on South Ice Mountain. She will tell you that there is a Room with a Chest in it, down in the Dwarven Mines. If you have the Lobster Pot, Unfired Bowl, Sheet of Silk, and Wizard Mind Bomb in your Inventory, you may enter the Room. The Room is located Northwest from the Entrance to Falador. Search the Chest for the Map Piece.

  5. Use any of the 3 Map Pieces with another to put the Map together.

  6. Go to Port Sarim to Lady Lumbridge. (The Western most Ship) You have to buy Lady Lumbridge from Klarense for 2,000 Gold Pieces. Enter the Ship and fix the Hole with your three Planks and Nails, just use Planks with the Hole. You must have your Hammer with you to use the Nails.

  7. Go talk to Ned located in Draynor Village. Ask him to sail your Boat for you and he will take your complete Map. Go back and enter the Lady Lumbridge. Then talk to Ned and he will sail off (After this you can't turn back, so go to the Bank first to grab Food if you don’t have any.)

  8. (The ship after you crash on the Island)

  9. Make your way through the Maze of Rocks and Monsters till you get to the top of the Volcano which is guarded by Lesser Demons (you don’t have to kill any of the Monster’s you encounter on the way) then proceed down the Stairs, then walk the Path and you will find a Room with Elvarg the Dragon in it.

  10. Go in the Door and fight the Dragon Elvarg. It’s a tough fight if you’re a Low Level (Level 50-60) but it’s a Piece of Cake if you’re a higher Level. When you kill the Dragon you will be Teleported outside the Room back to the Skeletons. Head South past the Lesser Demons (Level 79) (there probably will be people Training there so don’t worry too much.). Push the Odd Looking Wall and you will be at Karamja Island Dungeon, head past Red Spiders and more Skeletons to get to the Rope and Pile of Mud.

Rewards: Two Quest Points, the right to buy/wear Rune Plate Mail, and 18,650 Experience to the opposite fighting strategies with which you used on the Dragon.

If you fight on Accurate you get Strength and Defense Experience.
If you fight on Aggressive you get Attack and Defense Experience.
If you fight on Defensive you get Attack and Strength Experience.

The Runeguard Clan