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The Runeguard clan

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Description: Help brother Kojo to fix his clock tower by finding the missing cogs.

Difficulty Level: Medium

Items/Skills Needed To Start: Bucket of water or ice gloves, and a good weapon and armour since you need to get past some Ogres (lvl 53).

Starting Location: Southwest of Ardougne Zoo


  1. Talk to Brother Kojo, he should be in the Clock Tower just southwest of Ardounge Zoo.

  2. You need to get all four cogs, remember you can only carry one at a time.

  3. Go down ladder and you should be in a dungeon. In the next room you will see colored blocks on the floor representing the general direction of the cog.

Black Cog

  1. Use the colored block to see where to go. Go down the passageway to a door. Behind the door you will see lvl 2 giant spiders and the black Cog surrounded by fires.

    clocktower1 pic

  2. Use the bucket of water or wear your ice gloves and pick it up. Now go back to the ladder and up to the first floor.

  3. At the first floor use your black Cog on the black pole.

Red Cog

  1. Go to the colored bricks in the next room and go through the door. The red brick represents south east.

  2. Go through the door and you get to a room with three Ogres (level 53) and the red Cog. You don't have to kill them, just run past them and pick up the Cog.

    clocktower2 pic

  3. Go back to the ladder, go up to the 2nd floor and use the red Cog on the red pole.

White Cog

  1. Go down the ladder to the dungeon and go to the room with the colored bricks. Now go through the northwest door (indicated by the white brick).

  2. Continue going north west to get the Rat poison; after you have picked up the Rat poison go east to the rat cage.

  3. At the rat cage you will see two levers to open the two doors, pull the levers to get into the cage.

    clocktower3 pic

  4. Inside the cage you will see the food trough. Use the Rat poison on it and the rats will eat from it and die. Then the door to the room with the white Cog will open.

    clocktower4 pic

  5. Pick up the white Cog and go up the ladder; you will be outside the Clock Tower. Go inside and use the white Cog on the white pole near the ladder, on the 3rd floor.

Blue Cog

  1. Go down to the dungeon and to the room with the colored bricks. Go through the southwest door (indicated by the blue brick).

  2. You will get to a room with some monsters locked in cages, but sadly the blue Cog is locked in also with no doors. You will need to find an entrance to the blue Cog.

    clocktower5 pic

  3. Go up the ladder in the room and you will again be outside the Clock Tower. Now go northeast to where Brother Cedric is (near the Zoo). Just west of him is a ladder.

    clocktower6 pic

  4. Go down the ladder and just follow the passage to a wall. Go through the door and pick up the blue Cog. Go up the ladder and go inside the Clock Tower, up the staircase to 2nd floor and use the blue Cog on the blue pole.

Now that all of the Cogs have been placed, talk to Brother Kojo to receive your reward.

Reward: 1 quest point and 500 coins.

The Runeguard Clan