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The Runeguard clan

Shield of Arrav
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Starting points -
Black arm gang: Tramp near the south gate of Varrock
Phoenix gang: Reldo at the Varrock library

Things needed: A friend in the opposite gang and 20 coins

Note: You can only enter 1 of the 2 gangs so make up your mind before you start the quest as each gang has its own starting point. (Chatmasta suggests the black arm gang, it will help a lot in the hero's quest)

Black arm: Kill a level 17 npc
Phoenix: Kill a level 5 npc


Head to the library in Varrock and speak with Reldo. Tell him you want a quest, he will tell you to search the bookcases for the book called “Shield of Arrav”. Search the bookcases until you find the book. Read it and speak with reldo about the phoenix gang.

Now head to bareak at varrock square. Ask him about the phoenix gang. Bribe him with 20 gp to let him talk. Head to the phoenix gang hide out (see map below for more information)

Speak with straven and select these options:
“I know who you are!”
“I'd like to offer you my services”

Straven asks you to kill the black arm informant Jonny the Beard, so head to the blue moon inn (see map below for more information) and kill Jonny (level 5) and pick up the scroll he drops. Head back to Straven and give him the scroll, he then gives you a key and welcomes you into the gang.

Head into the hide out and search the chest with gold trims for the shield half (drop it and search the chest for another half, then pick up the first part) Give the phoenix key and one shield half to your black arm buddy.

Now skip to the guide part “both”

Black arm

Speak with tramp and question him about the alley. Head into the alley and speak with Katrine and ask her about the black arm gang, then tell her you want to join. Use the key your phoenix buddy gave you to enter the weapon storage (see map below for more information) Kill the weapon master(level 17) and grab two Phoenix crossbows.

Head back to katrine and give her both crossbows, and she will make you part of the gang. Head up the stairs and search the cupboard for the shield half (drop it and search the cupboard for another part, then pick up the first part) Give one of the shield halves to your phoenix buddy (both of you should now have 2 different parts)


Head to the museum and speak with the curator, he will give you two certificates (you can drop one because your friend gets two certificates as well and both of you can only claim the reward once) Head to Varrock palace and speak with the king to claim your reward.

Reward: 1 quest point and 600 coins

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The Runeguard Clan