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The Runeguard clan

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Requirements: None

Items Needed: Eye of Newt, rats tail, onion, and burnt meat.

Go to Rimmington Village and talk to Hetty.

Eye of Newt you can get at any herblaw shop or Betty’s Magic Shop in Port Sarim.

Witch’s Potion"Use" cooked meat on a range to get burnt meat. (chicken will not work because it is not "meat")

Onions can be found in a small field north of Rimmington or behind Fred the Farmer’s house.

Rats Tail is found by killing level 1 rats. (they are dropped every time after the quest is started.)

Once you have the items bring them to Hetty. Drink from the cauldron to finish the quest.

1 quest point, and magic experience.

The Runeguard Clan