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The Runeguard clan

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Bar Experience Level
Needed To Smith
Experience Gained Primary
Used For Notes

Bronze Bar
1 6.25
Copper Ore

Tin Ore
Smithing Bronze Items No comments

Iron Bar
15 12.5
Iron Ore
NOTHING Smithing Iron Items While smelting Iron Ore, there is a 50% chance the ore may be too impure to make a bar from it. If you cast your Superheat Item magic spell to smelt an Iron Ore, it will never be too impure; Ruby Ring of forging also gives a 100% smelt rate for iron ore 140 times before being destroyed

Silver Bar
20 13.5
Silver Ore
NOTHING Crafting Silver Items Silver is only used in Crafting, but you get Smithing exp for smelting it.

Steel Bar
30 17.5
Iron Ore

Coal (2)
Smithing Steel Items No comments

Gold Bar
40 22.5
Gold Ore
NOTHING Crafting Gold Jewelry Gold is only used in Crafting, but you get Smithing exp for smelting it.

Mithril Bar
50 30
Mithril Ore

Coal (4)
Smithing Mithril Items No comments

Adamantite Bar
70 37.5
Adamantite Ore

Coal (6)
Smithing Adamantite Items No comments

Runite Bar
85 50
Runite Ore

Coal (8)
Smithing Rune Items No comments



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The Runeguard Clan