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There are many agility courses that you can train at.

Gnome Stronghold

The first agility course is to the west of Ardougne in the Gnome Stronghold. If you have completed the Tree Gnome Village Quest you can use the Spirit Trees to teleport to the Gnome Stronghold faster. This course runs in a square so it is best to start at the beginning (the log by the entrance) and go counter-clockwise.


Object Experience Gained
Log 7.5
Obstacle net 7.5
Tree branch 5
Balancing rope 7.5
Tree branch 5
Obstacle net 7.5
Obstacle pipe 7.5

The obstacles on this course can't be failed. When you complete this course, you receive a completion bonus of 45, for a total of 92.5 agility exp.

Barbarian Outpost

After reaching level 35 Agility, and finishing the barcrawl you can move on to the course that is alongside of the Barbarian Outpost. Most do this course clockwise.

There is a pipe to squeeze through and some new obstacles that aren't at the Gnome Stronghold.

In this course you have a chance to fall and take damage on certain obstacles. It is wise to take some food to heal while you are training there.


Number Object Failable Agility Level Required Experience Gained
0 Obstacle Pipe No 10
1 Ropeswing Yes 20
2 Log balance Yes 12.5
3 Obstacle net No 7.5
4 Balancing ledge Yes 20
5 Crumbling wall No 12.5 each (37.5 total)

For completing the full course you receive a completion bonus of 42, for a total of 139.5 agility exp.

Yanille Agility Dungeon

This is where higher-level agility players train. You must have level 40 agility to complete the first obstacle and need as high as level 67 agility to finish the entire dungeon.

Do not pray at the chaos altar! It makes you fall in a huge pit of level 12 to 64 poisonous spiders!

The Yanille Agility Dungeon is located south of the Fight Arena in a house with a spiderweb blocking the door. Cut the spiderweb with a weapon that has a slash attack on it, then go down the stairs to enter the dungeon.


Number Object Failable Agility Level Required Experience Gained
1 Balancing ledge Yes 40 22.5
2 Obstacle pipe No 49 7.5
3 Monkeybars Yes 57 20
4 Pile of rubble Yes 67 5.5

Sinister Chest

At the furthest back in the Agility Dungeon resides Salarin the Twisted. Salarin can only be killed by strike spells and he sometimes drops a sinister key, which is used to open the herb chest in the skeleton room.

When you open the chest you get poisoned, so it's good to bring along anti-poison or super anti-poison potions. The chest contains 9 herbs: 2 Harralander, 3 Ranarr Weed, 1 Irit Leaf, 1 Avantoe, 1 Kwuarm, and 1 Torstol.

There is a back door to the agility dungeon which leads straight from Yanille to the area behind the monkeybars. The door is locked and it needs level 82 thieving to pick the lock. Near the place when you climb up from the pile of rubble is a lockpick spawn.

Deep Wilderness

At level 52 agility you can take a chance and go into the wilderness to complete obstacles. The obstacles are located far west at levels 49 to 55 of the wilderness.

map There are many obstacles and if you complete the course you will receive 682 agility exp.

Number Object Failable Hitpoints lost if failed Experience Gained
1 Pipe No N/A 12.5
2 Ropeswing Yes 16 to 19% 20
3 Lava Stepping Stones Yes 20-22% 20
4 Log balance (Spike Pit Bridge) Yes 5 20
5 Rock Climb Yes N/A 0

There are many obstacles and if you complete the course you will receive a completion bonus of 609.5, for a total of 682 agility exp.

After the Spike Pit Bridge is an Aggressive level 22 Skeleton. If you fail at the Ropeswing or Spike Pit Bridge, you fall into an underground area with about 6 Level 22 Skeletons, all Aggressive. If you get out, you're next to the Lava Stepping Stones again.

Brimhaven Agility Arena

The Brimhaven Aztec Agility Temple is one of the best and most exciting ways to get agility experience along with many other cool prizes. First of all, bring lots of food. GOOD food! Second, head to Brimhaven and just north of the gate into the members area of Karamja Island, you will see a little bamboo hut. Talk to "Cap'n Izzy No Beard". It takes 200 coins to enter the temple. As soon as you enter, you will get the music "Aztec" (Note: Bringing teleport runes would be a good idea, as you never know when you'll be stranded without food.) The Object of this temple is to follow the blinking red arrow on the map to each ticket dispenser. You will have 30 - 60 seconds before the arrow changes to reach them. Once you find the right area, the arrow will be blinking yellow. Click on the ticket dispenser to receive a ticket.
Now rush to the blinking red arrow again, it will turn yellow when you are close to the ticket dispenser, and click the next ticket dispenser. You will get an agility ticket! From now on, every one you reach before the time runs out will give you a ticket. If you fail to get one because it moved, just start over (whenever little red/green light in corner is red you need to start over). (Note: The first time you click a dispenser will not give you a ticket.)
An agility arena ticket looks like this: map

Here is a map of the Aztec Temple and every obstacle inside it. Here it is:

The following obstacles require a certain agility level.

Object Agility Level Required
Blade 20
Hand Holds 20
Spinning Blade 40
Darts 40

If you fail to get past the darts, your agility lowers by two temporarily.
(Note: Stat Restore potion does not help in raising your agility back after being hit by darts.)
All failures will damage you between 2 to 6 points.

Here are the items you can buy with your agility tickets:

Talk to "Pirate Jakie the Fruit" for your reward(s). (She is outside in the hut.)

  • One Ticket (1): 240 exp to agility
  • Ten Tickets (10): 2,480 exp to agility
  • Twenty Five Tickets (25): 6,500 exp to agility
  • One Hundred Tickets (100): 28,000 exp to agility
  • One Thousand Tickets (1000): 320,000 exp to agility
  • Toad Flax: 3 Tickets
  • Snapdragon: 10 Tickets
  • Pirates Hook: 800 Tickets (The Pirate's Hook is a weapon.)

Agility Arena FAQ

Q: I'm Lost! How do I get out?
A: Easy. Go to the most northeast corner you can go to and the ladder is there.
Q: How long do I have until the arrow points to another direction?
A: Around 1 minute to 1 minute and 30 seconds.
Q: Can any obstacle not be failed?
A: Nope, all of the obstacles can be failed depending on your agility level.
Q: What level agility do I need to go through the highest obstacle?
A: You need 40+ agility. However, those obstacles are the ones that shoot darts at you and the ones with the axe swinging at you.
HINT: The higher agility level you are, the easier it is to get tickets.

Werewolf Agility Courses

There are two new agility courses in Morytania, a Skullball Course and an Agility Course. To use the Skullball Course you must have level 25 Agility, completed the Monster of Fenkenstrain Quest, and wear the Ring of charos. The same goes for the Agility Course only you need 60 Agility, too.
To start, head to Canifis then follow the northeastern path past the Slayer Master, then south-southeast down through the swamp until you reach a hut with the agility symbol on it.
Talk to the werewolf while wearing the Ring of Charos and go down the trapdoor.

To the left is the Agility Course and to the right is the Skullball Course.

Skullball Course

To use the skullball course you must have 25 agility. This is pretty much like croquet and soccer combined for one person. You must kick a skullball through each goal as fast as you can to complete the course. There are 10 goals plus one final goal that you must kick the ball through in order to receive agility experience. You will gain 750 experience if you can complete the course in 4 minutes or less, and will lose roughly 8 exp for every 3 seconds over 4 minutes.
You can do 3 actions to the skullball, Tap, Kick, and Shoot.

If the skullball goes through a goal then its total distance traveled will decrease by one space.

Action Spaces Moved
Tap 1
Kick 5
Shoot 10

Agility Course

You need 60 agility to use this course. Talk to the Agility Boss and he will explain to you how to use the course. He tells you that if you retrieve the stick and give it to the agility trainer you will receive a bonus. People with higher strength and are carrying a low amount of weight will do better on this course, especially on the death slide.

As soon as you jump to the first stepping stone, the boss will throw the stick.

Jump across the stepping stones and then continue to the hurdles.

Jump over the hurdles and then go to the pipes.

Squeeze through the pipes then pick up the stick. Make sure you pick up the stick to get a bonus at the end.

Next climb up the slope.

Now slide down the zip line, aka the "Death Slide".

Give the stick to the Agility Trainer and repeat the process.

Object Failable Experience Gained
Stepping Stones No 50 exp (10 exp per stone)
Hurdles No 60 exp (20 per hurdle)
Pipe No 15 exp
Skull Slope No 25 exp
Zip Line Yes 350 exp

The bonus for retrieving the stick is 90 exp.
The full course gives 540 exp including the stick bonus.
If you fall from the zip line you will take some damage and not get full exp.

Misc. Agility Spots

Name Experience Gained
Bridge Balance (Cairn Isle, southwest Karamja) 10
Cross Ridge (Wilderness) 15
Crumbled wall to Falador West Bank 25
Failing Stone (Karamja Jungle Waterfall) 1
Hand Holds (Yanille Watchtower) 31
Rock Climb (Cairn Isle, southwest Karamja) 1
Rope Swing (Brimhaven Jungle) 3
Stepping Stones (Karamja Jungle Waterfall) 3
Wooden Log (Karamja Jungle) 4

The Runeguard Clan