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The Runeguard clan

Roving Elves
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Description: Deep in the elven forests of Isafdar, live a duo of roving elves: Islwyn a grumpy, old elf who dislikes humans and his companion Eluned who is a beautiful, friendly, young female elf with a kind heart. In this quest you are challenged to overcome Islwyn's prejudice against humans and alleviate the burdens of the past.

Difficulty Level: Easy (for those who have finished Regicide and are eligible to do this quest, heh heh. However, Jagex has rated this as an "Experienced" quest so in our guide list it is shown as "Hard".)

Requirements: Must have completed Regicide quest (and some of Waterfall Quest), must defeat a Level 84 moss giant unarmed

Items/Skills Needed To Start: Glarial's Pebble (See Waterfall Quest), Glarial's amulet, 2 Ropes, and a Spade (Optional: Teleport Runes)

Reward: 10k Strength exp, 1 free partly-used Crystal bow or Crystal shield, and 1 Quest Point.

Starting Location: Tirannwn (Refer to map)


  1. Search the fire remains to start the quest. Here is an overview map showing only the important locations for this quest:

    queststart overview map image

    Detailed map showing all of Tirannwn's traps and paths:

    Tirannwn detail map image
  2. Go and talk with Islwyn (they switch between two spots, they switch places in about 5 minutes, so just stay and wait at the spot marked on the map) then talk to Eluned. They will tell you to go to Glarial's Tomb and get a consecration seed. If you have Glarial's pebble head straight to Glarials Tomb, located west of the Fishing Guild. If you do not have the pebble go to the Tree Gnome Village Maze and go down into the dungeon to get one. (See the Waterfall Quest Guide for help.)

  3. Once you are inside Glarial's Tomb, get ready to fight a lvl 84 Moss Giant UNARMED! It will hit you even if you use protect from melee so make sure you have plenty of food! (note that armour, weapons and runes are not allowed in the Tomb: if you have prohibited items, when you insert the pebble it says "nothing happens".)

  4. Once you have the seed, head back to the elves.

  5. Talk to Eluned and she will take your seed and sing to it, and then give it back to you. They will say that you need to plant the consecrated seed at Glarial's grave, which is inside the waterfall.

  6. Go to the waterfall with Glarial's amulet, a spade and the seed (bring your ropes to get there!) When you enter the waterfall go to the east room and search the crates until you find a large key. Now go to the west room and use the key on the door, then on the next door. Plant the seed close to the grave. A small crystal tree will appear.

    Crystal Tree
  7. When it's over go back to the elves and tell them what happened. Congratulations, you have completed the quest!

    quest complete image

The Runeguard Clan