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The Runeguard clan

Sea Slug
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Description:Strange occurrences have taken over a fishing platform. Solve the mystery and save a family from the clutches of the slugs.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Items/Skills Needed To Start: Level 30 firemaking, swamp paste (you can buy some at Khazard port store, or you can make by getting tar from Lumbridge swamps, using flour with it, and cooking it), hatchet, and tinderbox

Starting Location: South of the legends guild and south east of ardounge .

Reward: quest point, Oyster pearls, 7175 fishing xp


  1. Talk to Caroline, she'll tell you of her plight. She tells you that her friend Holgart can take you to the platform.

  2. Talk to Holgart and find out his rowboat isn't seaworthy. He needs swamp paste to fix it, so give him some and you'll soon be at the fishing platform.

  3. Walk west and talk to Bailey. He will tell you about the son, Kennith, who is hiding upstairs, and Kent, who left to find help days ago.

  4. Go upstairs using the ladder on the northeast part of the platform, then head west to the building to talk to Kennith about the situation. Shout across the crates to him, then go find Kent by talking to Holgart

  5. You arrive on a small island, talk to Kent and learn the history of what happened 5 days ago, Kent saves you from a sea slug's control. You thank him and return to the platform via Holgart to save Kennith.

  6. Upon arriving the fishermen won't let you up the ladder so talk to Bailey to learn the weakness of the slugs. Heat. He gives you a torch, but you have to light it yourself. Get the broken glass from the corner and go pick up some damp sticks from the northeast section.

  7. Use your glass with the damp sticks to get dry sticks, rub them together and your torch should light. Climb up the ladder with your torch.

  8. Talk to Kennith, then kick the loose panels on the outside of the building he's in. Talk to him again, then rotate the crane. He'll jump on and into the rowboat below.

  9. Go back to Holgart and return to land. Talk to Caroline to claim your reward.

The Runeguard Clan