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The Runeguard clan

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Description: Help the druids cleanse their former altar of the evil from the dark wizards. If you are successful you will be rewarded with the knowledge of herblore.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Items/Skills Needed To Start: Recommened you collect the 4 uncooked meats before you start. Those are rat, bear, chicken, and beef

Starting Location: Stone circle north of Taverly.

Reward: 4 quest points, 250 herblore xp needed to begin the skill.


  1. Talk to Kaqemeex and he'll tell you of what he needs to purify their cursed altar south of Varrock. He says to speak to Sanfew.

  2. Find Sanfew on the 2nd floor of the herblore shop. He says you need the 4 uncooked meats to be dipped in to the cauldron of thunder to complete a ritual. Hopefully you already have these uncooked meats and can go there right away.

  3. Head south and a little west to taverly dungeon. Its in a clump of dead trees. You won't need armor but a good weapon to finish off some suits of armor (level 19) quickly will help.

  4. Go in and head north a little till you come to the prison door and try to open it. One of the suits will attack you. Defeat it and try to open the gate again. Assuming both are dead you should be able to go in now.

  5. Use all the uncooked meats with the cauldron (they should turn blue) and head back to Sanfew at the herblore shop. He'll be grateful and tell you to visit Kaqemeex for your herblore skills training.

  6. Kaqemeex will give you your reward and then explain some about herblore. He also refers you to the Scribe section of the website for more info.

The Runeguard Clan