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The Runeguard clan

Sheep Herder
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Description:4 plauge infected sheep have gotten loose and its up to you to recapture them and rid ardougne of them.

Difficulty Level: Medium if your fast with a mouse

Items/Skills Needed To Start: 100gp

Starting Location: Just south of ardougne chapel. East of the West/East ardounge river bridge.

Reward: 4 quest points, 3100gp


  1. Talk to Councilor Halgrive and he'll inform you of the dire situation. He gives you some poison feed. He also tells you to speak to Doctor Orbon in the chapel just north of him.

  2. The doctor will tell you that you need a suit to protect you from the plauge. He will sell one for 100gp. Go to the sheep pen just north of ardougne while following the road that leads north next to the chapel.

  3. Put on your suit and talk to farmer brunty in the pen. He'll tell you to grab the prod in the shed. Get and equip it.

  4. You have to be on the opposite side of where you want them to go. Example: Be on the south side for the sheep to go north. All the sheep are different colors of face so you won't get them mixed up to easily. Direct them to the pen gate and they should jump in when they are close enough. Once they are in, use the feed on them. Collect the bones, but don't put them in the furnace. Collect them till you have all 4 (it works better)

  5. Sheep #1: Go south to the north ardounge wall and there should be a sheep. Prod it on the east, then north side of the pen to the gate.
    Sheep #2: Go just east of the pen and prod it back. There should be at least 1 outside of the fenced area. It's the easiest one to grab.
    Sheep #3: Go northwest past the warrior woman to find it and prod the sheep to the gate.
    Sheep #4: The last ones always the hardest. Head north east to the fishing guild entrance and go a little more east to find the sheep. Prod him back to the pen.

  6. If you are having problems herding the sheep because you can't prod them fast enough, have a friend come with you to block the sheep from running back to their starting point.

  7. If you have not yet croaked all the sheep off yet, do so. Use all their bones with the furnace.
  8. If you have survived this rapid mouse-clicking experience, return to the councilor and he'll reward you for your heroic efforts

The Runeguard Clan