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The Runeguard clan

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
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Start Point: Tai Bwo Wannai Village on Karamja To start: Speak to Timfraku

Quest Length: Long

Difficultly: Medium

Minimum Requirement(s): : Completed the Jungle Potion Quest, High level Agility, Fishing, and Herblore to make it easier, Level 5 Fishing, Level 30 Cooking, Level 15 Agility, Must be able to kill level 48 Jogres (Level 65 Fishing and 55-60 cooking helps)

Items Needed: 2 agility potions, a pestle and mortar, a spear above iron, a karamja rum (purchase on karamja), a banana, a knife or other sharp blade, some seaweed, a small fishing net, some jogre bones, and maybe something to mage/range with.

Speak to Timfraku, even though he will be rather rude to you, try a few different options. He will tell you to leave. Speak with him again and tell him Trufitus sent you, and that he has communed with the gods. Timfraku will be amazed, and tells you to notify his three sons about it. Next click yes and start the quest.

Timfraku's three sons are named: Tamayu, Tiadeche, and Tinsay.

Tamayu is the hunter and at age 3 he killed his first monkey.

Tiadeche is the fisherman but is not too lucky since he needs to improve his technique.

Tinsay is the priest who has acted very strangely since he had an accident with jogres.

Go and talk to Lubufu who is at the narrow causeway close to Brimhaven. Question him about his age and then offer to collect some bait for him. Go and catch 20 Karambwaji fish that are south of the village and return to him so he will tell you about the Karambwan.

Speak with him again and agree to be his apprentice. He will now give you a Karambwan vessel. This is used to catch the Karambwan.

Go catch one rawKarambwan by using a bait you caught earlier with the vessel then using it wth the fishing spot. Next, use it with a pestle and mortar. Catch another one and cook at on the nearby range (If you are under 65 fishing and 60 cooking you can have a friend cook one for you, do NOT buy from Shrimp and Parrot Pub as they are not poisonous!). Next, take the cooked Karambwan and use it with the pestle and mortar. Finally use the raw Karambwan paste with the spear and then use the cooked Karambwan paste with the spear. Your spear will now say (KP) at the end. Keep this for later to give to Tamayu.


Tamayu is southeast of the village by the mines. He refuses to come back to the village until he has killed the Shaikahan. tamayu also sells all (kp) spears and cleaning cloths

Watch as he tries to kill the Shaikahan, but he needs both a better spear and to be more agile to do it. Give him an agility potion and the (KP) spear then one more agility potion so he can kill it.

After he has killed it he will agree to come back to the village.


Now go to Tinsay who is on Cairn Isle.

Bring a bottle of Karamja rum and a banana. Speak to him and he says he wants some rum with bananas in it. Use a knife with the banana to slice it and then use the slices with the rum. Give the banana-rum to him.

Next he will want a seaweed and monkey skin sandwich. Go kill a monkey using range or mage and take the monkey skin to Tamayu. He will agree to skin the monkey for you. Tinsay then hands you the monkey skin and some monkey bones.

Now use the skin with a seaweed to get the seaweed sandwich. Give this rather disgusting thing to Tinsay.

Still not satisfied, he will then tell you that he wants some burnt jogre bones marinated in karambwaji.

Go kill a jogre and then use the bones with a furnace. Next use the karambwaji with a pestle and mortar and then use that on the burnt jogre bones.

Make sure you use this on a range because it will explode if used on a normal fire. You will get the marinated jogre bones.

Head back to Tinsay and he will agree to go to the village.


Tiadeche is by the northeast edge of the island across the log bridge.

Speak to him and ask what you can do to help. He will tell you something useful.

Use a karambwanji with the karabwani vessel, then use it with Tiadeche. He will then catch a karambwani and give it you. He will then ask you to make a new vessel and give it to Tinsay. He also wants you to get the crafting instructions for himself.

Head back and talk to Lubufu. Tell him that your Karabwan vessel was stolen by a Karambwan. He then give you a new one.

Bring the new vessel back to Tinsay. He will give you the crafting manual Tiadeche needs. Bring it to Tiadeche.

He will finally agree to come back to the village.

Head back to Tai Bwo Wannai and speak to Timfraku.

Quest completed.

Reward: 2 Quest Points, 2k coins, 5k fishing and cooking exp, 2.5k attack and strength exp, When you talk to the three sons after the quest is finished, they will each give you another reward. One son gives you a rune spear(kp) (combat exp), another teachs you how to correctly cook marinated jogre bones (cooking exp), and the other teches you how to cook/fish the octupus (cooking/fishing exp) He will also become a store where u can buy and sell fishing vessels and raw octupus

The Runeguard Clan