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The Runeguard clan

Tree Gnome Village
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Description:Help the Gnome Kingdom retrieve orbs of protection from the evil Khazard and his trooops to save the day and the gnomes

Difficulty Level:Medium

Items/Skills Needed To Start:6 loads of normal logs, Ability to defeat a level 112 Khazard warlord

Starting Location:King Bolren next to the huge spirit tree in the middle of the tree gnome's maze

Reward:A gnome amulet of protection, about 11500 attack xp, and the ability to use the spirit trees to travel

  1. Find Elkoy near the northwest corner of the maze. He invites you to try the maze. Once you conquer it, talk to King Bolren. He'll ask you to help their cause by retrieving 1 of 3 orbs of protection. Agree and you'll be led to battlefield

  2. Talk to Commander Montai to get the latest update with the battle. He'll ask for 6 loads of wood to repair defenses. Assuming you have your 6 logs with you, talk to him again. He thanks you, talk to him yet again, he'll ask you to find out coordinates from his trackers to fire the ballista at the Khazard stronghold.

  3. Head north to find the first tracker. He's in an oblong building in the north east part of the Khazard camp. Learn the y-coordinate is 5

  4. Head west above the long building, the 2nd gnome should be just along the wall of the building. Find that the height coordinate is 4

  5. Head south on the outskirts of the camp to find the 3rd tracker. He's a little "off" and gives you a strange riddle to dechipher the x-coordinate. Luckily, im a master riddler and found out

  6. "More than me"-Higher than 1, "Less than our feet"-Less than 4, "More than we"-More than 2, and "Khazard's men are beat"-This obviously refers to me as beating the men, NOT, well anyway he means 3 because thats the only number left. Return to the gnome camp

  7. Go directly to the ballista and use the coordinates you have learned.
    Height=4 X=3 Y=5
    Assuming you entered these in right, go the main building and climb over the wall. It's the northwest building. Be prepared to get rid of a level 48 Khazard commander, one downstairs and one up.

  8. Upon their defeat, open the chest on the 2nd floor to get the orb. Return to Elkoy at the maze entrance and he'll lead you back in

  9. Speak to Bolren again, he is briefly thankful about your return, but find that his family has been killed and the other 2 orbs taken by Khazard's troops. Elkoy will guide you out, go north past the Khazard camp, then northwest and past level 64 wolves to face the Warlord who holds the orbs.

  10. Run past his guards and attack him. You should have food, which you should run and eat if your health gets low. Ranging and maging works well on him, since he cannont come out of a certain zone. Weaken him until you run out or he's fairly weak, then charge him and kill him.

  11. Once he is dead (Congratulations) you'll get the orbs. Return once again to Elkoy, then to Bolren. He'll tell you about the Spirit trees and give you your reward.

The Runeguard Clan